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Football News: Bournemouth v Liverpool - A Liverpool Perspective

Bournemouth v Liverpool - A Liverpool Perspective
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Bournemouth v Liverpool


This was more like the Liverpool Jurgen Klopp wants. More intensity, a press on the player in possession immediately the ball is turned over, that drops off if possession is not regained. The odd tactical foul when needed, such as Lallana's immediately after coming on. Never once were Bournemouth given the chance to build long term possession and pressure. Added to that, the ball was moved quicker, not giving the Cherries time to set themselves and get organised.

It does help that Bournemouth under Eddie Howe are abysmal defensively, they do not track runners, they ball watch constantly, there is no press, no organisation, in short watching Bournemouth must be very like watching a Liverpool side that only has off days. Everything is slow and laboured, then, all of a sudden they create a nice move which culminates in a great chance and you wonder why on earth they are not ahead, only for the defence to fall asleep and gift the opposition a goal. I truly feel sorry for the Cherries' fans, they have the most overrated manager in the Premier League.

You can only beat what is in front of you though. Liverpool did not just beat Bournemouth, they dazzled them and sliced them apart at will. It was the kind of performance that could even put a smile on Ron Keague's face, possibly. Maybe. Though the squad rotation is not to everyone's taste, including mine, if it allows the team to play at this kind of level throughout the rest of the season, then it will have done its job.


Klopp - keeps rotating and keeps getting results. Nine matches unbeaten would suggest it is working, though I am still not convinced by it. It is only over the next month or so we will really know whether it has helped at all.


Mignolet - mainly a quiet night, dealt with what he had to and played a couple of short passes. All in all he had what all Liverpool keepers should have every match, an easy ride.


Gomez - made a few errors but nothing that cost us and he will hopefully learn from them. In the main he had another good game.


Lovren - I was worried this might be a hard night for our centre backs up against two pacey strikers, especially the blisterinly quick King. Even before King picked up an injury they were dealing with them well. Added to some good headers defending in the box Lovren scored, so it was a good night for the Croatian.


Klavan - developing a real partnership with Lovren. They communicate, which is something that has been missing at the back since Carragher retired. Though I am not sure what he did can truly be classed as communicating! Klavan and Lovren seem to be gaining an understanding, one covers for the other and they work together well.


Robertson - got forward a lot, but, well I am still not convinced by the runs he makes nor by his decision making. He did defend well when called upon.


Henderson - I really will never understand why so many people are on the lad's back. He was pushing the pace of the game constantly. When there is no movement he calls for it. He does not dawdle on the ball and lose it, he always looks for a forward pass but he takes the sideways or backwards one where there is not one on. Anything to keep the ball moving and move the opposition about. He had a very good game.


Wijnaldum - he does work hard but he slows the play down way too much. Sometimes it is just a case of dwelling on the ball because he is dithering and not sure what to do with it, as he did when played in on a quick break on the edge of the box. It destroys any attack he is involved in and leaves it floundering. Other times he needs too many touches to play a pass that should have been a first time one. He has all Lallana's weaknesses and bad points but with very few of his good ones at times!


Oxlade-Chamberlain - well, well, well, there really is a player in there waiting to burst onto the scene. A very good game from the lad and an ever better interview afterwards. I am not sure which I am more impressed by.


Coutinho - still not tracking back enough but, when he gets the ball he makes up for it to a large degree when he plays like that. I wish he would work a bit harder, because the games when he has tracked back, in the past, tend to be the games he really excels in. Probably because they are the games he is fired up for. His free kicks are getting better and he scored, but that does not mean he can play at 90%.


Salah - once more he was a major threat and gave their left back Daniels a torrid time. No wonder he went off injured, I think it was caused by Salah tying him up in knots every few minutes.


Firmino - at his best he is sensational and he is not far off his best at the moment. Right now he is up there with the best forwards in the Premier League.



Lallana - arrived in the 71st minute in place of Salah and struggled to adjust to the pace of the game. He is very rusty but he did make sure to give away a tactical foul very soon after coming on. Looks very leggy and unfit still.

Solanke - replaced Firmino in the 76th minute and put in a decent enough showing in the short time he was on.

Ings - came on in the 87th minute and worked hard, but missed the one chance that he got. Like Lallana he does not look up to speed yet.

Written by Tris Burke December 18 2017 12:27:11