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Football News: I would be a massive proponent of a legitimate Champions League

I for one, would be a massive proponent of a legitimate Champions League in which teams played a double round robin to determine the best team in Europe. For several reasons:

1.) The majority of the top leagues have title races that seem like foregone conclusions. Paris, Munich and Juventus have had nearly unshakeable grips on their domestic leagues for an amazing amount of time. Sure, every once in a while you may have a Dortmund or a Monaco pull off a plucky and unlikely title win; however, these clubs end up getting gutted and stripped of their best talent almost immediately.

Paris loses to Monaco? Paris buys their best players. Bayern loses to Dortmund? See ya, Hummels and Lewa! When you look at their respective seasons, these big clubs, it seems their entire year is essentially condensed into their Champions League games. Paris waltzes domestically, as do the other 'big guns', and then they only play 8-12 truly relevant games in a season.

It's ridiculous. Even our domestic title race is a joke this year! This gap between haves and have-nots will only intensify and make for boring, predictable leagues for years to come. This would give all the top clubs something to play and strive for every single week.

2.) The quality of the football. As most of us have seen for the past several years, their is a quite predictable rhythm to most domestic games in the top leagues. When a big, financially powerful club plays against a smaller team, it plays out like an attack-versus-defense drill with one side camped around their own box hoping for a lucky break.

Watching teams of comparable quality play each other is far more entertaining. I was bouncing around the various leagues on Fubo today and was bored out of my mind watching Leicester's inevitable slide to defeat. PSG did the same to Toulouse while Bayern found a slightly spirited Schalke at least.


They were all boring! It looked like even the teams on the pitch new which way the result would go. The most exciting game I watched today was Stoke vs Brighton. Two teams who went into the game thinking a win was possible. This makes for better viewing, in my opinion.

3.) I will admit that it's quite easy for me to wish things were different. I am from Texas. I have virtually no chance of popping into Anfield for our home games so the point feels extremely moot to me. However, I suspect that a large portion of fans are people who admire the club from a distance.

It's a global game and for a lot of us Americans (pretty much all the ones I know personally) we prefer to watch the quality on offer in Europe instead of our local sides. I wake up early every weekend to watch the Premier League but couldn't care less about watching FC Dallas play.

It's because of the quality of the league. At the end of the day I want to see the best players play each other every single week to decide who is the best team in the world. That is exciting. And yes, some local derbies may immediately fall dormant but you'd get the chance to establish some real animosity between international clubs. Turin and Monaco are quite close. Amsterdam isn't much of a drive from Dortmund or Cologne.

Remember when we seemed to play Chelsea in big European games all the time? Remember how much hatred that stoked between us? There will be plenty of opportunities to forge true disdain for the clubs you play regularly. I can't imagine anything better than being a local in Liverpool and going to watch us play Dortmund one week, followed by Juventus or Paris or Napoli or Madrid.

I can't pretend to know anything, I have no inside knowledge about how sustainable certain clubs are in terms of finances. And I am sure that many will disagree with this perception of things, but I would love it. It would make excellent viewing for pretty much every single game.

Written by LFCTexas February 11 2018 11:38:26