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Football News: Everton v Liverpool - A Liverpool Perspective

Everton v Liverpool - A Liverpool Perspective
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Everton v Liverpool


It is games like this that make me regret watching the games a second time before writing a review! I am typing this bit first simply to put off the moment of having to sit through the game again. It was not exactly enthralling, to say the least. It was made to look even worse by the Manchester derby, which showed the difference between two teams happy to just keep a clean sheet and playing within themselves and two teams that wanted to win.

That is the whole match in a nut shell, the fact that two teams went out there happy to keep a clean sheet and not too bothered about winning. There was little urgency, passion or desire. To be honest, I doubt there were many Liverpool fans that would have minded this too much, not just the result, but the fact that no Liverpool player really put themselves out too much to make them a doubt for Tuesday. It was pretty much what Liverpool wanted, no fresh injury worries and a nice little kick about to shake out any fatigue from the muscles in a training match....


Klopp - this game was little more than an inconvenience between the Champions League quarter finals to Klopp and it showed in his team selection and the way the team played. While he would have no doubt loved to pick up all three points, the big priority was not overtaxing players who would play Tuesday and avoiding injuries. A clean sheet in a nice easy run out was a bonus.


Karius - had little to do but still pulled out an excellent save and kept control of his box when the ball did come into it. Starting to look more and more like he has the ability to be the long term answer in goal.


Clyne - was probably surprised by how easy his return was. Then Bolasie was taken off and replaced by Calvert-Lewin, who put him under pressure and gave him a torrid end to the game. How different it was to facing Bolasie, who was happy to play as an auxiliary left back and offer nothing in the attacking third. Even defensively he did little just standing off Clyne and giving him freedom to do what he wanted.


Lovren - outmuscled once when he made the mistake so many defenders do, a slowmoving ball trickling out of play with an attacker on him and he tried to just cover it while it rolled out of play. Why defenders are allowed to do so in the first place is beyond me, when it is clearly just a case of impeding an attacker. Just deal with it. Mostly easy game, only really put under pressure a few times, so it is difficult to judge his performance.


van Dijk - strolled through the game.


Klavan - was given a chance to up his fitness in case we need him as Robertson was rested ready for Tuesday and Moreno was injured in the warm up, there was little choice available to Klopp. Normally he struggles against pace, but he had a nice easy time of it, despite facing up against Walcott, as he was not pushed at all. It was far too easy.


Henderson - for most of the game, Liverpool's midfield dominated, it was only after Rooney went off that they even faced a genuine challenge. Never really enough to test Henderson though, it was like he had a nice little stretching session to get Wednesday night's tiredness out of his muscles.


Milner - in the words of Ed004: "Milner is running the game!" I could not sum it up any better. Until he went off, he was running the game and Everton could not cope with him at all.


Wijnaldum - too easy for him. The problem is that it would have been nice to see them do that little bit more to go and win it. Instead they were all content to just do enough.


Solanke - good movement but his finishing had all the marks of a player who is low on confidence and lacking game time. Could easily have made the difference between a draw and a win, but failed to make the most of his chances. What is pleasing is that he got in positions to miss, which is something many forwards fail to do.


Mane - the only one of the front three to start the game and he did ok. Looked a little lacking without the other two.


Ings - worked hard but it was not a good performance. His touch was off and he did not get into dangerous positions. Disappointing but he is another suffering from a lack of gametime.



Oxlade-Chamberlain - replaced Milner in the 68th minute and showed some nice touches and broke forward well but never really imposed himself on the game enough.

Firmino - came on to give Mane a break and played well within himself. There was no sign of the Firmino that chases here, there and everywhere to hunt down the ball.

Alexander-Arnold - replaced Ings in the 89th minute and had no time to really make any kind of impression.

Written by Tris Burke April 08 2018 14:19:55