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Football News: Jurgen Klopp's signings so far for Liverpool FC

Jurgen Klopp's signings so far for Liverpool FC
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Coming into the Summer soon, I know people are eager to strengthen the squad. I just thought I'd have a look at Klopp's signings so far for Liverpool FC since he came in and see are we in good hands going into the next transfer window based on signings already. I'm not really going to focus on money as it's a bit irrelevant considering how quickly fees change and won't mention Keita as we haven't seen him in red yet. Also I'll leave some minor signings out like Manninger who never really featured anyway.

Karius - Shaky to start with although never really given a string of games to make the position his own. I still am undecided about him myself and looking back I think it would be fair to say Klopp could have targeted someone else possibly who could have been good enough to be in goals all season for us and have a few more points on the board. Although he has improved lately and I've no idea whether if Mignolet moves is Klopp going to target a new no. 1 or backup to Karius. Difficult to judge him as a signing.

Matip - I personally am not a fan at all, he looks so lazy on the pitch, loses concrentration really easily, can be at fault quite often and was only ever seen as good when the rest of our defense was going through an even worse spell! Not a fan of Lovren in the past, but I'd be much happier when Lovren is on the team sheet ahead of Matip these days and really hope someone new comes in at centre back for competition to Lovren and Gomez!

Klavan - Not sure If i'm along on this one, but I really rank Klavan! Always puts in 100 percent, has great long passing ability that he has used for assists in the past, reads the game quite well and is excellent up against big strong attackers. Ok, he isn't the quickest and can struggle a bit with small Aguero type strikers, but who wouldn't! Being bought by Klopp as a back up defender, I think was great business. Pretty much replacing what Kolo Toure gave us before he left and as long as he's happy to be back up, which he seems to be, I see him as a good buy.

Robertson - Excellent buy, wasn't sure on him as I hadn't seen enough, but my friends assured me anytime they seen him he was a very good full back. We all know left back has been a problem for us for years now, since a fit Aurelio I'd say! But finally a manager came in and has seemed to sort that position out! He's a young lad and after being dropped for no reason that I could see at the start of the season he done brilliantly to keep himself focused and seize his chance when he got back into the team! Always good defensively and whips in early crosses, which is something we have been lacking from full back for years, but now have it on both sides! Great signing by Klopp and although I said I wouldn't mention money at £8 million, he was a steal!

VVD - we all wanted him, Klopp got him; expensive, but such is football these days. Has been great imo so far. Has brought a calmness to the defense, leadership, and a real presence. Defending set pieces has visibly got better since he came in as well. Nothing to add really other than a great signing by Klopp, but one that wasn't overly surprising bar the timing of it.

Grujic - What can you say about him? Only got a good look at him in preseason and he looked good but something has gone wrong, has to go down as a bad signing by Jurgen but I'd like to be proved wrong on that one!

Wijinaldum - First season thought he grew throughout the year and got better and better. Expected him to push on a lot this season and go down as a great signing especially when you consider Klopp bought him and changed his position much deeper and i among others was sceptical of the signing! It seems this season we were right to be puzzled as he has not been effective bar a handful of games. Not a great signing and hopefully Klopp's newest midfield acquisition, Keita can prove a much better buy!

Oxlade Chamberlain - Again I questioned Klopp on this one, didn't see the need for him to be honest, but my god am I glad he got him now! Really proving his worth and with injuries we would have been in a bad place had Klopp not pulled this signing off. Seems like a really nice lad too who wants to work hard not just because it's expected, but because he wants to improve and win things; and you can't ask for much more than that. Getting much more end product to his game too which is great. Again good signing by the manager!

Mane - Brilliant signing! Was excited the minute he signed, but didn't expect quite as much as he has delivered on a weekly basis! Klopp identified a weakness in our team, which was a lack of pace and has corrected it in abundance with Mane, Oxlade Chamberlain and this next lad.

Salah - I don't think I have to write anything here, Klopps best signing for us hands down!

Solanke - You can see why he signed him; won the golden boy trophy and U21s World Cup, out of contract, young, had all the attributes, but whenever I've seen him, he hasn't been very good and you would have to say on current form it's a poor signing and someone new should come in during the Summer.

But, overall that's not bad going from the manager! I feel very confident with him in charge or at least helping to identify targets this Summer and feel recent signings have been a huge improvement over those of the recent past i.e. Balotelli, Moreno, Lambert, etc.

Written by Jak April 13 2018 22:32:15