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Football News: Manchester United v West Brom 15 April 2018 Review

Manchester United v West Brom 15 April 2018 Review
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I've read the furore surrounding the Manchester United performance yesterday and I must confess a lot of it was justified. It was an abject and insipid display lacking any kind of desire, intensity or cohesion.

I sat in my seat at Old Trafford and watched in frustration as they toiled and treated the game with a degree of apathy and contempt.

It was a display lacking any kind of movement or dynamism. For some reason, Pogba playing in his preferred position to the left of a midfield 3 decided that he would play a more disciplined and deeper role. He stopped making the runs which brought him so much success in the derby. Sanchez's movement was equally as bad, constantly wanting the ball to feet, not threatening their defence with any kind of penetration either with or without the ball. Lukaku was similarly statuesque.

In some respects it was a very selfish performance by a lot of players. Unprepared to make selfless runs ahead of the ball to try and open up space for their team mates. Sanchez and Pogba occupied the same positions, both vying for that play maker role and both equally unwilling to run forward in order to make space for the man on the ball.

With a top 4 position all but assured and job done against City last weekend this was a relatively meaningless game and it showed. You never quite know which United will turn up.

The problem is we're ravaged by inconsistency. We have very talented players in the squad who are capable of incredible highs but also terrible lows.

De Gea apart I don't think one player has performed at a consistently high level all season. Lukaku and Matic have done ok, Pogba has played in spells but is on a terrible run, Lingard had a brilliant spell over Christmas and New Year but has fallen away. We've been decimated by injury at CB.

Nearly two years into Jose's reign I still don't think he knows his best team or formation. Sanchez may have caused us more problems than he solved and the enigma that is Paul Pogba continues to baffle.

I don't think the answer can simply be to throw even more money at the problem. Most of the pieces of the jigsaw are already at the Club. The key is finding a formation and system that gets the most of the players and then strengthening in accordance to what we need.

I'm tired of always thinking once we buy new full backs or another CB or a right winger we'll be better. The truth is Jose has signed some very good players and In Matic, Pogba and Sanchez players that have performed consistently well at other Clubs and won major honours. It's about time that he found the right system and got more consistency from our most talented players.

Whilst I don't think Jose can be solely blamed for yesterday's performance it's his job to keep the players motivated and honest and I'm getting tired of hearing all the excuses. It's hard to keep the faith when forced to endure performances such as yesterday. I very much remain in the Jose camp but Its about time he delivered some decent football at least.

Written by Danny Lancs April 16 2018 20:43:41