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Football News: Top 10 Soccer Left Mids/Wingers

Top 10 Soccer Left Mids/Wingers
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Top 10 Left Mids/Wingers

How do you choose just 10? It is so difficult and then trying to sort them into an order is even worse. Then I realise I have forgotten someone major and it begins again. How can you end up with a list of left sided players and not find room for Ryan Sessegnon of Fulham or Kingsley Coman of Bayern Munich? And more besides those two have had to be left out as well. It makes me want to rip up the list and start all over again!

10. Ivan Perisic Inter Milan

A highly effective hard working wide man, capable of playing on either wing equally as well. He is not a trickster of a player, though he does have a good touch and ability to deliver a cross into good areas. He can also cover the full back positions. Perisic also excelled in the World Cup, where he certainly changed the mind of those Man Utd fans who had been disappointed when he had been linked to their club the previous summer.

9. Marco Asensio Real Madrid

It is still mainly potential with Asensio, though this season is his chance to show it is actual as well. However he is a game changer, even when used mainly as a substitute, in a way very few other players in the world are. This season, with Ronaldo gone, there is space in the team to move himself up a fair few places in this list.

8. Hirving Lozano PSV Eindhoven

It is amazing the Mexican star is still in Dutch football as he has been outstanding there and is more than good enough to have got a big move in the summer. The only reason I can think of was that he did not stand out for Mexico in the World Cup. Maybe one to watch out for in January. He is certainly a player who looks ready for a step up in level.

7. Diego Laxalt AC Milan

Ignoring the silly hairstyle, Laxalt has shown himself to be an excellent wideman. Not only he is a genuine attacking threat with pace and skill, he also has an exceptional workrate and protects his full back really well. His World Cup performances really brought him to the public attention and showed there is a real talent there.

6. Alexis Sanchez Manchester United

Sanchez would have been much higher up the list but for his struggles in the second half of the season. The Chilean works hard, has pace, skill, can create and score goals and would have been challenging the top three but for last season. His desire to win is one of his key features and is beginning to show signs of being harnessed for the team once more in the first few games of this season.

5. Lorenzo Insigne Napoli

He is almost a throwback to old school wingers, small, tricky and ridiculously skillful. There is a massive amount of skill in a tiny frame. Scores some beautiful goals and creates plenty. Just needs to be a little more consistent in the final third.

4. Leroy Sane Manchester City

Pace, skill and a brilliant season would have seen him in the top 3 but they were followed up by being left out by Germany for the World Cup and being benched or left out altogether by Man City. The fact he is top four still, shows just how well he performed last season. Now his new baby has arrived, he needs to knuckle down and get his career back on track before it is too late.

3. Neymar Paris Saint-Germain

The Brazilian should be number one, in terms of raw ability he is a clear step ahead of the rest but he has issues, lots of issues. For starters he is a show pony, who does lots of flicks and tricks that have little effect on the game. Then there is his embarrassing play acting, which is leading to him becoming a marked man and officials turning a blind eye to challenges as they have no idea if he is cheating or not.

2. Sadio Mane Liverpool

Even when overshadowed by team-mates he still had a highly effective season, contributing a high number of assists and goals for the team. He has incredible acceleration and the skill to beat players with the ball. Good delivery, good finishing and a real team ethic has developed in his play. Despite all the praise for Mohamed Salah, Mane was the key at the end of the season for Liverpool, producing some real quality performances.

1. Eden Hazard Chelsea

Utterly unplayable when at his best. He has had periods where he has not been at his best, but he usually lifts his game quickly. He has acceleration, pace, strength, incredible trickery, vision, can cross, pass and shoot. He does need to score more goals though. Overall though he is still right now the best on the left there is.

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