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Football News: Review Of The Day 27 November 2018

Review Of The Day 27 November 2018
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Review of the Day


Cole Released

Former England left back Ashley Cole has been released by Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy after deciding not to take up an option to extend his contract. The 37 year old former Arsenal, Chelsea and AS Roma defender was given the club captaincy in March. Six other players have also been released by Galaxy: Michael Ciani, Brian Sylvestre, Ariel Lassiter, Sheanon Williams, Rolf Feltscher, Baggio Husidic and Servando Carrasco.


Moenchengladbach Given League Title Hope

The official Twitter account for the Bundesliga has told the official account for Borussia Moenchengladbach that they can have the league title if they get 50 million retweets for one of their posts. The official account for RB Leipzig has said they will unfollow the Bundesliga if it happens.


Vialli Reveals Cancer Treatment

Former Italy striker Gianluca Vialli has revealed he had undergone eight months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiotherapy after it was discovered he has cancer. He told Corriere della Sera that he had kept it quiet out of shame. He said of the treatment: "I would have gladly done without, but it was not possible. Then I considered it a phase of my life that had to be lived with courage and from which to learn something. I knew it was hard to have to tell others, to tell my family. You would never want to hurt the people who love you: my parents, my brothers and my sister, my wife Cathryn, our little girls Olivia and Sofia. It gives you a sense of shame, as if it is your fault. I would wear a sweater under my shirt so others did not notice anything, that I would still be the Vialli they knew. Then I decided to tell my story and put it in the book... I hope my story can inspire other people at difficult times in their life."


Koscielny Returns To Action

Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny has finally made his return to playing as he got a run out with the Arsenal under-23s, though the French international could do nothing to stop them being thrashed by Derby County 5-0. To be fair though, it was only 1-0 at half-time when he was replaced. Koscielny has not played for the Gunners this season due to an Achilles injury.


Moore Voted Britain's Greatest Sports Personality

I think there must have been a mistake made in the voting for Britain's greatest sports personality of all time, as Andy Murray finished second in the overall voting. Makes you wonder if anyone voting understood what the word personality means, as Murray clearly had his removed at birth. The winner was 1966 World Cup winning captain Bobby Moore.
Britain's Greatest Sports Personality Of All Time:
1. Bobby Moore
2. Andy Murray
3. Lewis Hamilton
4. Steve Redgrave
5. Chris Hoy
6. Mo Farah
7. Daley Thompson
8. David Beckham
9. Torvill & Dean
10= Paul Gascoigne
10= Ian Botham


Solari Prepares For Madrid Sack

Real Madrid manager Santiago Solari has been trying out some of his routine for his new career in comedy after he gets the sack from the Madrid role. However Solari forgot the golden rule that the best comedy is based on highlighting true things, rather than just blatant nonsense, such as calling Sergio Ramos honest. Solari's routine was: "[Ramos] is an honest man and a symbol of football, Real Madrid and Spanish sport. It is the duty of all of us to protect him, from the media too. Journalists should seek the truth and they also have their opinions, but the truth is not open to opinion and even less so when a player's name is being tainted. When that happens we lose our way and society is left helpless. It affects us all." Maybe he has mixed Ramos up with someone else? Only no one can believe he is honest surely? The moment a player dives or fouls someone but denies it, he is being dishonest, and Ramos is the epitome of a diving footballer who fouls anyone within reach but denies it has happened. Is that honest? Not for me.


Iniesta Hits Out At Jose

Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta has claimed that Jose Mourinho made El Clasico 'unbearable'. Iniesta said: "You don't have to be for Barcelona or Real Madrid to know that the situation was unpleasant. And the key component in that story was Mourinho. Whoever doesn't want to see that, is radical. You didn't see the rivalry that always existed before. It went beyond that. You saw hate. That atmosphere developed and it was unbearable." Iniesta also blames Jose for damaging the Spanish national team: "The Barca-Madrid tension caused by Mourinho did much damage to the national team [Spain] and the teammates."

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