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Football News: Liverpool Player Ratings thus far during the 2018/19 Football Season

Liverpool Player Ratings thus far during the 2018/19 Football Season
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Question for Ed001, if I may, I was just thinking about the season thus far and which players have made a positive contribution and which ones have not. Can I ask you to give us your assessment so far (even though we are only 2/3 of the way through)? But do it in the same fashion that you do the individual player ratings for games, in terms of who has been a plus for the season so far, and who has taken away from the season. (For example a rating above 5 for Salah and VVD, but below 5 for Keita for the season - my opinion)

I'll understand if you feel it is premature and prefer to do it at the end of the season.




Alisson - to just base his score purely on shots saved, passes made etc would woefully undervalue his contribution to the team. His value is almost inestimable as he has turned a defence that was shaky, even at the end of last season with the addition of van Dijk, into one that is extremely strong, even when decimated by injuries. His mere presence has made a massive difference. Add that to his ability to actually make saves, unlike the last 2 keepers, and play out from the back and you have a huge lift to the team. Rating - 8.



Mignolet - though he has not played many times, those times he has played have been an instant reminder of how glad LFC fans should be that he is no longer first choice. It is still beyond my understanding how he made it to the Premier League in the first place. The only reason his rating is not lower is because of how little he has featured! Rating - 2.



van Dijk - at times he is utterly majestic, though does still have the odd game when he strolls around or moment within games when he falls completely asleep. At his best when he works alongside Gomez and has to talk him through games, rather than a more experienced partner. That seems to keep him more alert and on top of his game. Rating - 8.



Gomez - if only he had not suffered the broken ankle Liverpool would probably not be struggling right now. He has become that important to the team due to his excellent performances this season. One for the future certainly, but he is also one for right now! Rating - 7.5.



Lovren - too many injuries have left him unable to contribute much to the team at all. Rating - 5.5.



Matip - One thing that the injury to Gomez did do is give Matip even more time on the pitch, rather than just the last few minutes. Unfortunately, he was already hindering the team in just those few minutes, so all that has happened is that he has become even more of a hindrance. Rating - 1.5.



Robertson - I would have had him down as having a good season just two matches ago, but now he has suddenly become a liability. Still works his socks off and gets forward well, but his crossing has become hopeless and he is trying far too hard to make up for his mistake against Leicester. Once he gets that out of his system, I am sure he will be much better. Rating - 6.



Moreno - he has reverted back to the hopeless case that first joined and gave away chances with stupid attempts to make a challenge. Luckily he plays very rarely now. Rating - 2.



Alexander-Arnold - his game has come on in leaps and bounds this season and he is very rarely the defensive liability he was last season at times. Teams have still tried to target him, but he has been much better at dealing with it. Without his pace and ability on the ball down the right, Liverpool have looked lop-sided in attack and have struggled to create the opportunities. Rating - 7.5.



Fabinho - it took him a while to establish himself in the team, but he is now showing why Klopp wanted to sign him in the summer. His importance to the team's play has been growing in the last few weeks. Rating - 7.



Keita - he has not yet managed to establish himself fully, but his performances are improving and he is beginning to show signs of real quality. Rating - 5.



Wijnaldum - this season he has made himself almost indispensable to the team with some of his performances. If only he could keep his level at its best more often, but too often he will play within himself. Some of his performances have been top class this season, and his absence has been hugely noticeable since he was out. Rating - 8.5.



Henderson - hugely influential when fit, but he does struggle to play two games in quick succession sadly. His fitness issues are severely hampering his effectiveness to the team. Rating - 6.5.



Milner - prior to picking up an injury, Milner was absolutely sensational and having the season of his life. Since his return to fitness he has been nothing like the same level, but back to his usual steady performances, in the main. Rating - 7.



Lallana - he has always been known for his tendency to slow down the play, make Cruyff turn after Cruyff turn and pirouette like a trainee ballet bancer giving defences time to reorganise and get the kettle on for their half time cuppa, book their summer hols and look up the name of that guy in that film they watched last night that they knew they recognised but can't quite remember his name. However for one short period under Klopp all that went out of the window as he finally figured out how to play it quick and not take an extra 45 touches when 1 would do, then he suffered a long term injury.


Since his return, he has not only been back to the dancing feet, extra touches and wearingly repetitive Cruyff turns, but he has also lost the ability to work hard and 5 yards of pace. Lallana has gone from a very good player that just needs to move the ball quicker (and stop shouting his mouth in media interviews about what he and the team will do) to a player that is a full-on liability and like playing with a man down. (For the ball to Milner though it should have been offside). Rating - 1.



Mane - had an up and down season but has contributed his fair share of goals, as well as providing excellent protection to the full back behind him. On his day he is totally unplayable but he has not had any of those so far this season. The odd good game is all he has managed, it is just not happening for him this season. Rating - 6.5.



Salah - scoring goals but only showing flashes of the Salah from last season. When he scores as many goals as he does, and works so well for the team, then there is little to complain about. It is not as if he is bad now, he is just not sensational like last season. He has set the bar impossibly high and has no chance of reaching it regularly. Rating - 7.5



Shaqiri - started off brilliantly but his performances and workrate have tailed off as the season went on. He has been so off the pace that he has been relegated back to the bench. Really needs to get back to the levels he was showing early in the season. Rating - 6.



Firmino - took a while to get back to full fitness after the World Cup and it has really affected his form. Firmino, like Mane and Salah, has only shown flashes of what he can do. However, when he does have a good game, so does the team. Rating - 6.5.



Sturridge - started the season with a couple of short cameo goals and then has been absolutely abysmal ever since. Since those early weeks he has been a hindrance to the team every time he is on the pitch. Rating - 2.5.



Origi - started the season completely out of favour but gradually worked his way back into the squad. Has had little time on the pitch, but his goal against Everton at the death is enough to make the rest of his season a bonus! Unfortunately, in the little time he has had Origi has struggled to make an impact. Rating - 5.5.



Written by Ed001 February 09 2019 18:56:12


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