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Football News: Sheffield Wednesday vs Nottingham Forest 9 April 2019 Review

Sheffield Wednesday vs Nottingham Forest 9 April 2019 Review
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I am still suffering post match blues from the Sheffield Wednesday v Nottingham Forest match yesterday.

Certainly the starting line up surprised many of us and all of the inclusions have at some point been called for on here ,myself included, particularly in respect of Robinson and there was a definite buzz of anticipation amongst the travelling support.

We were rewarded with a first half showing which was to my mind as good as anything I have seen away for some time football wise with both sides playing enterprising and enjoyable football.

There was to me however from both sides an inability to capitalise on mistakes made and both teams looked like what they almost certainly are ie not good enough for play off material.

Both sides had chances and both goalkeepers made good saves with possibly the best chance falling our way with a two on one which saw Grabban tamely shoot wide when without question a lay off to Lolley would have gifted him a tap in to put us one up but nonetheless the mood at half time was one of optimism and anticipation of more to come.

As we know it didn't take long for that to be shattered as a direct result of an appalling kick from Steele ( we are cursed with keepers who cannot kick Smith , Pantilmon ) whose kicking out had to be fair been a little erratic and continued to be so all night.

The result both on and off the pitch was like that of a deflating balloon and quite honestrly from then on in we were really never much in the game and frustration with how things were going began to manifest a little on the pitch wiith Colback in particular who on several occasions battled with the ball only to find himself with little support and it is a minor maracle he held it together to avoid a booking.

The second goal was a stunning strike although it looked like Byram was woefully out of position BUT this is his firs proper t game since August and in truth he was to me one of the few players to come out of the game on the credit side.

Appiah for the most part became embroiled defensively but showed flashes of what he could be capable of and I see no reason for him not to continue playing the remainder of the games this season.

The substitions were made which to many seemed a little surprising with the introduction of another defensive midfielder and frustrations grew as at times we were playing with the tempo of a side three up not down taking what seemed like an age with goal kicks,throw ins etc.

Benalouane continues to nosedive in his performances and seems to have no understanding with Wague, who wasnt great either, at all.

It would be hypocrtical of me to say that Carvalho should have come on at some point because my feelings regarding his suitability for this league are well documented on here but that said surely if there was ever a time for his introduction in an effort to change things or produce something then last night was the time and for Ansarifard to be seen as a better option is even to me a little baffling.

All talk and thoughts of top 6 can now be firmly shelved and the inevitable talk will be that of Messrs O;neill and Keane after just a few months at the helm.

I am not at this moment advocating such a change though I have to say that I am lucky enough to see nearly all the games both home and away and frankly the football is generally far from attractive and come the end of the season I will find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place reagrding this decision.

What I can say is that I have not heard so much muttering of discontent against a manager(s) in such a short time since probably Steve Mclaren or for those with longer memories ( and painful ones at that ) Gary Megson.

Well Blackburn next so let's see what happens then and

As always.


Written by creepy1 April 10 2019 15:18:50


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