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Football News: Top 10 Overrated Players

Top 10 Overrated Players
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Top 10 Overrated Players


This is an extremely difficult list to do, as will be the overrated Top 10 when I do that one, due to the problem of deciding whose rating am I going by? In the end I decided to just go by a combination of things, from value on sites such as transfermarkt to the media and posters on the sites. Though not if just one poster raves about a player, such as one particular poster who used to rave about Mateo Kovacic like he was a combination of Pele, Maradona, Best with a sprinkle of Makalele thrown in for good measure. It needed to have felt like the majority of posters overrated the player.

So here we have it, my choices for the 10 most overrated players around right now:


10. Jean Michael Seri - Fulham

This might seem a surprising choice, but Seri was so highly rated while in French football that the likes of Barcelona were regularly having him scouted. I have no idea why as he has never looking even a good player when I have seen him play, whether in French or English football. He does have good pace and a decent workrate, but technically he has shown nothing to me to suggest he belongs at the top end of the game. His first touch is poor, his passing is awful, his movement off the ball is poor and his defensive acumen is virtually non-existent.


9. Marco Asensio - Real Madrid

One of those highlight reel players who does some lovely, flashy things but is incapable of doing the basics of the game. He is still young with the potential to learn, but he has shown little inclination of improving his game or his end product. He has a lot to learn yet.


8. Paulo Dybala - Juventus

Yes he is a good player, but he is not exactly showing himself to be the successor to Lionel Messi as he was hyped up to be. In fact he is not even good enough to make himself a regular for either club or country. The techique is there but he has a long way to go to make himself into the player he is often touted as.


7. Casemiro - Real Madrid

A very average midfielder who has been acclaimed for being responsible for almost every good Real Madrid performance since Rafa Benitez left. Funny how the media crucified Benitez for playing him but hail it as a masterstroke when Zinedine Zidane does it! The only reason he gets games is because he is the only option for them in terms of a player that will sit and break up play. It is not because he is anything special, just that Florentino Perez only wants to spend money on players who will sell lots of merchandise.


6. Davinson Sanchez - Tottenham Hotspur

While there are worse defenders about, there are very few that are so highly rated (though Harry Maguire and John Stones run him close) with so little ability to actually defend. His positioning is truly dreadful and his tendency to make basic, silly mistakes is amazing. Even though he has the pace to often make up for being completely out of position, he usually makes a mess of something simple to gift the ball to the opposition anyway. It beggars belief that the media have made him such a darling and consistently overlook his many deficiencies as a defender.


5. James Rodriguez - Bayern Munich

A goal in the World Cup and a few advertising deals for the likes of Pepsi have somehow spawned the idea that James is a top class player. He lacks the mobility for the way he tries to play and ends up spending most of the game as a passenger, unable to get forward or back quickly enough to keep up with play. If he was not such a 'superstar' I am sure someone would have told him by now that he needs to just sit in central midfield and be a playmaker. Then his range of passing could have more of an effect on the game, despite his lack of movement.


4. Sergio Busquets - Barcelona

I have variously read him described as the best holding midfielder in the world to the best defensive midfielder of his generation and he quite simply is neither. There is a reason Barca have struggled in Europe in recent years, despite their domestic success, and that is partially down to him not being very good at actually defending and he gets found out when teams make the attempt to attack Barca. Something that very rarely happens in La Liga. When he is having to do some defending he is so lacking in mobility, he can barely run, that it exposes the defence completely.


3. Kieran Trippier - Tottenham Hotspur

This is purely because of the English media's hysteria during the World Cup, where he was acclaimed as the best right back in the world. He is not even the best right back in the England squad, let alone the world. An extremely average full-back with a decent cross if given space to put one in.


2. Paul Pogba - Manchester United

He has so much ability that it is frustrating to watch him play as he will put in so little effort over the course of 90 minutes but think a flick and a trick is enough to make up for doing so little. What he does makes for a great YouAreACompleteTube showreel, but is not good enough for a full match. He would be much better in freestyle football than he is on the pitch expecting other players to do the work so he does not have to.


1. Neymar Jr - Paris Saint Germain

There could only be one winner. It had to be Neymar. There are still people out there who believe he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as one of the best players in the world. He is not even close. In terms of pure ability on the ball, he is close to being comparable to those two, but in terms of positives he brings to a team he is not. There are times when his attitude and way of playing are more of a negative to his team than a positive. That is without even mentioning his constant diving and crying over every little thing!

Written by Tris Burke April 11 2019 05:28:09


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