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Football News: My pitch for sorting out Manchester United - Football Manager editor mode style

My pitch for sorting out Manchester United - Football Manager editor mode style
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Here's my pitch for sorting out Manchester United - Football Manager editor mode style.

First off the outs:
Mata, Herrera, Valencia and Darmian. Out of Contract, thanks for the service, now time to move on. I would like to see Herrera stay for 2-3 years but looks like that ship has sailed.

De Gea I'd give him the wage he wants or sell for £70m probably to Juventus or PSG (no point keeping an unhappy player)

Pogba sell to Real Madrid or PSG £150m, done.

Lukaku, I'd try to move on but more likely position for a 2020 transfer and look to recoup the £75m we paid. Or try an do something creative with Bayern for

Lewandoski, he'd be a great a choice for 2 seasons before heading off to the MLS. But ideally selling Lukaku and replacing him with Felix Joao would be perfect.

Bailly is out of contract in 2020 and not good enough. £20m to La Liga or Italy

Rojo to whoever will have him (£5m)

Mitchell to the EFL - not good enough.

Chong on a season loan to Holland


TFM I'd look to sell or include in a deal if possible but wouldn't be against giving him a chance to prove he is good enough or a loan to Ajax or similar.

Andreas not sure he is good enough would be happy for him to stay and prove himself but equally if he wants to go I'd let him or include him in a deal.

Same for Tuanzebe deserves his shot to see if he is good enough.

Sanchez - we need to be honest here. He is an excellent player playing poorly and his wages are source of friction in the squad. If anyone is stupid enough to pay his wages let them have him but that isn't going to happen. Perhaps a 2 year loan or transfer where we pay half his wages.

But it seems the most likely is he stays so let's reset and give him a run of games. He seems like a hardworking pro.

Jones and Smalling just signed new deals so won't be going anywhere.


This leaves a squad of:
Romero, Henderson, Grant
Dalot, Young, Shaw, Lindelof, Smalling and Jones.
Matic, McTominay, Fred, Andreas,
Rashford, Lukaku (Lew/ João), Sanchez, Martial

I'd start at the back and build from there.
Toby Alderwield - prem proven and experienced.
Koulibally - excellent
Wan Bissaka - prem proven, potential and excellent.
Saul - love him and perfect Pogba replacement
Neves, NDombele or Dacoure or Rice to replace Herrera
Greenwood, Garner, Gomes - promote to back up first team.

Id play Romero as first choice blooding Henderson where possible. Basically again giving him the chance to prove he is good enough or not.


*This should be our default for the talented youth players

19/ 20 Squad

Henderson, Romero and Grant
Dalot, Wan Bissaka, Young, Shaw, Lindelof, Alderwield, Koulibally, Smalling and Jones.
Saul, Matic, NDombele/ Rice/ Dacoure/ Neves, McTominay, Fred, Andreas, Garner, Gomes
Rashford, Lukaku, Sanchez, Martial, Greenwood


Out: Lukaku, Jones, Andreas, Matic, Romero, Grant Young.

In: Sancho, left back (to replace Young either from youth Ethan Laird, Brandon Williams. or purchase) Burkhart - given a chance or sold.

That would be major major surgery and maybe we'd still be miles of City but we'd be closer. i'd still try for players of exceptional ability or potential like Joao Felix or Dias as they come up and should they be receptive to a move.

We should also be investing in Old Trafford with fan zones, redevelopment and modernisation, leisure zone with hotel and restaurants etc

I would also look to establish a comparative PR strategy towards city focusing on a partnership with a renewable energy business or perceived green business like Tesla or Bulb as a direct play against City's Abu Dhabi PR machine funded by oil. I would look to partner with Unicef to keep focus on human rights in the Middle East.

And finally commercial partnerships; no more 3rd brands like Chevrolet that by association cheapen our own brand and back to Hublot and Audi level brands.


Written by Utd Road April 16 2019 09:01:35


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