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Football News: Is Manchester United Manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a 'Yes Man'?

Is Manchester United Manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a 'Yes Man'?
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Something I can't wrap my head around is how there is a narrative that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a 'Yes Man'. On what basis have we seen that he is? This is a genuine question because there seems to be this view that he is weak and is pandering or is a puppet to Fergie.

I absolutely have no problems at all with him talking up Fergie or still calling him 'the boss'. I see it as him trying to create an aura back at the club. The heart of the club has been sold to the devil. Quite frankly, the magic and light that used to surround the club is waning, perhaps even gone. He isn't trying to bring back that old Manchester United spirit and culture that made millions of fans around the world fall in love with the club.


If there is anybody out there who knows what it was like to play in the great United squad, it is Ole. I'm certain that our predicament hurts him as much as us. He clearly knows a large majority of this squad are not United quality. They don't have the steel or personality required at this level. Does anyone really think he's going to sit there and allow this inadequacy to continue? At least with Ole there is no agenda. He wants to return us to where we belong.

Today he's called out 3 players that should be tearing this league up. Pogba, Rashford and Martial have so much talent at their disposal that they should be driving us towards a title challenge. Which 'yes man' or 'nice guy' would publicly say this? I just don't understand this stick that's used to beat Ole and almost belittle what he did in the early part of his reign.


We can all accept there is much work to be done. The defence needs major surgery, but if we bring in 5 good players, I don't see why we cannot be optimistic. He has shown he is capable of playing some brilliant football, but this squad has shown it is inconsistent. It was on a 7 game win streak then lost 3 in a row. It's failed now with 3 managers, it's simply not good enough.

There are some excellent players dotted about and some potentially world class ones. But we have too many below par ones in key areas. Finally, we have a manager who wants to play football the right way. Is he the best tactically? No, I wouldn't say so. Neither is he the most experienced, but at least he has a smile on his face and actually relishes each day that he gets to walk into Carrington as the Manchester United manager.


I've said many times that Mauricio Pochettino was always my first choice. I was also a Jose Mourinho fan, but I saw the light. He had some very fair reasons to be angry at Ed Woodward, but he went about it in the worst way possible. Ole has come in and picked up the pieces, nobody thought we would end up this close to top 4 or in the quarters of the Champions League. Let's be grateful at how he's turned our season around. I don't think we will finish top 4 in the Premier League, but I'm excited to see what he can do with this squad with some young, hungry and talented additions.

The problem is, some fans never wanted Ole, so because they don't want him, they don't fully support him. They wait until he trips up just so they can rant about him. It's actually quite sad considering you are meant to be a fan of the club. All of us have a preference on who we want as manager, but sometimes we cloud our judgement and fail to objectively support or give a manager a chance. I'm also guilty of this when we appointed David Moyes. How about we wait until Ole has a summer to bring in some much needed additions and has a chance to imprint his philosophy onto this side?

Written by Park3lung April 19 2019 17:38:15


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