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Football News: Formula 1: Spain Talking Points

Formula 1: Spain Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 5 In Barcelona


1. Ferrari Lack Of Pace.
Despite a new aero package at the last race and an engine upgrade at this one, Ferrari are miles off the pace. Despite being blisteringly quick along the straights, they lose far too much time in the corners to keep pace with Mercedes. Perhaps they will be better on faster circuits, but it is hard to see how they can catch up the gap before the end of the season.


2. Ferrari Left Rear Problem?
How do you make a mess of a tyre change twice when you have time in between to change the wheel gun? Everything they do is so indecisive. They take too long to make decisions and change things when it is clear it needs changing. Their leadership is non-existent, which leads in to the next point.


3. Ferrari Strategy.
They fail constantly to make decisions until too late. When one driver is catching the other, especially when they are on different strategies, they should have the decision made, passed on and the lead driver ready to let the other past the moment he gets close. Either that or tell them from the start they have to fight for it all. They are way behind Mercedes anyway, but their constant dithering is allowing Red Bull in ahead of them too.


4. Goodbye Barcelona.
Will anyone miss the track? I certainly will not be shedding a tear over the end of one of the least entertaining races of the season. I just hope Zandvoort, that replaces it, is more exciting. I am not sure why Barcelona is so dull as a race, it just never seems to really offer anything outlandish or throw up freak results. It should be packed with incidents with that big long straight but it very rarely does. Maybe it is because they all test there so much that teams know their set up too well and the drivers know the track so well there is little opportunity for them to struggle or find something in the way of unexpected performance.


5. Haas Sudden Emergence.
This does contradict my previous posta little, as Haas were suddenly quick this weekend but were completely mystified as to why they were quick! Hopefully it augurs well for the rest of the season. It would be nice if they could close up on Red Bull and make it more of a race against them for the rest of the season.


6. Romain Grosjean and crashes.
He did seem to have sorted himself out and improved his driving, but he was having a mare at Barcelona, constantly running off the track at the same place trying to battle for a place. You would think he would learn from the first time he did it!


7. Adrian Newey's return.
Red Bull look to have taken a step forward and, in my opinion, that is mainly because Newey is taking a bigger hand in the design of the car. He had taken a step back to work on some personal projects, in particular with Aston Martin on their road cars, but now he is devoting more attention to the RB cars and it shows. Next season they might well be back up there challenging for the title again with his help and the improvements Honda are making.

Written by Tris Burke May 13 2019 11:02:41


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