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Football News: Did Ed Woodward Make His Biggest Ever Mistake Appointing Ole Gunnar Solskaer As Manchester United Manager

Did Ed Woodward Make His Biggest Ever Mistake Appointing Ole Gunnar Solskaer As Manchester United Manager
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Maybe the biggest mistake Ed Woodward ever made was appointing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (OGS) as the Manchester United manager. It might just be a mistake that leads to his eventual demise.

I was at Old Trafford on Sunday and the atmosphere was tense, decent was palpable and it wasn't directed towards the manager. The vile Glazers chats resurfaced, Ed Woodward was vocally berated, it felt like a watershed moment.

I didn't stick around for the annual end of season lap of honour or walk of shame in our case. I felt it was more important to arrive home at a reasonable hour rather than applaud a set of players who have openly admitted to not possessing the required attitude for a number of games this season. For the minority that did stay it felt more to demonstrate their dissatisfaction than anything else. The Paul Pogba confrontation although distasteful further illustrates the feelings of discontent and frustration in the crowd. It is rare that any player is ever targeted in such a way, in fact I have never seen such vitriol directed towards one of own players in that manner before.

Pogba has become the symbol of disparity between the Club and the fans. He's a player indulged by the board for his star billing and marketability, yet hugely disliked by many fans for his elevated perception of self worth, ego and perceived lack of effort. Pogba is a player capable of incredible moments rather than being an incredible footballer. There is the occasional spectacular pass, rasping shot and the dancing feet, but over the course of a season it's never enough. Pogba may well flourish in a better team, but he is not a standard bearer. In a time where we need inspirational leaders and an iron will. Pogba will not deliver and many fans have come to this realisation.

There are many who believe OGS is not the man for the job, but despite such reservations few have the appetite to turn on a Club legend who always put the Club before himself. His selflessness is a trait sadly missing in many of today's entitled footballers and by appointing him as our manager, Ed Woodward may have inadvertently put himself, the owners and some of the players firmly in the firing line.

There is a genuine feeling of enough is enough. Despite several years of mismanagement and mediocrity, the support has never felt more disconnected from the team. Fans can tolerate most things but a lack of effort and reluctance to fight for the shirt is unacceptable. It won't be long before fans start voting with their feet and that may signal the beginning of the end.

This summer might just be the most important of the Glazers reign.

Written by DLIB May 13 2019 20:47:25


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