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Tris Burke


Tris is an industrious entrpreneur, having built a successful business. He is proficient at writing about any part of the game and is one of the more versatile writers we have on board. Tris has also earned a FA Talent Identification certificate.

Email: tris@football-news-views.co.uk



Mark B Jamieson


Mark is an accomplished writer, looking to make a career in sports journalism and has had articles published multiple times on a number of football websites. He is most interested in writing football news about Scottish clubs being from Scotland himself.

Email: mark@football-news-views.co.uk



Dave Laurie


Dave works full time in the service industry in Scotland and is a keen and gifted football writer, who writes features, opinions, match previews and gossip for us.

Email: dave@football-news-views.co.uk



Adam Jones


My name is Adam Jones and I am an aspiring sports journalist who is currently working as an Engineer. I have a massive passion for football and support Liverpool FC. I mainly watch English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch football as I find them to be the most exciting and competitive leagues. I hope you enjoy my work.

Email: adam@football-news-views.co.uk



Jordan Lombard


Jordan hails from Spanish heritage, now working in the music industry as a producer and manager while also beginning his career in coaching with Sunday League and University teams in the SW of England, with a specific focus on video and statistical analysis as a coaching method.

Email: j.lombard@football-news-views.co.uk



Terry Gallagher


I am 65 years old, have a degree in Mech.Eng plus a Master Degree in computers. I am a die hard red supporter but like to think I am nuetral on most subjects. If we are beaten by a better team, i would applaud them. I have old fashioned virtues like respect, honour and fair play. I will have some spare time in the future as i will be retiring and hopefully can bring some good points and articles.

Email: terry@football-news-views.co.uk



Aron Holmes


My name is Aron, I am a big supporter of Chelsea Football Club and sports in particular. I follow the Miami Heat in basketball, and the Green Bay packers in NFL.

Email: aron@football-news-views.co.uk



Reet Akshat


Reet is an ardent Liverpool Fan from India with a speciality in Live match commentaries and post match reports. He is also an editor on the liverpool-banter.co.uk website.

Email: reet@football-news-views.co.uk



Richard Elmpuddle


Richard is a busy family guy with his own business so only writes part time for us. He is a talented writer and knowledgable on all aspects of the game especially the lower league football teams up north where he hails from.

Email: richard@football-news-views.co.uk



Nick "Rambo" Rodgers


Nick is a sporty, outdoors type and is currently serving in the military, being stationed every few months in a different part of the world. He has served most of his 25 years military service and is also a busy family man. Nick has a great love of football and has written for numerous football websites over the last few years and provides incisive information in the articles he writes.

Email: nick@football-news-views.co.uk



James "Shappy" Shapland


James is a 20 something young lad hailing from the south west of England. He has always had a passion for the beautiful game, but from a young age knew his talents were in analysing the game rather than playing it. As such he has spent a lot of time studying tactics and footballing ideology, and now enjoys expressing his views in the online world. At least until Sky bring him in to replace Carragher. lol.

Email: shappy@football-news-views.co.uk



Michael Timineri

Michael has the ambition to be sports journalist in the near future. He has a great passion for football and is currently studying at university in London as well as working part time. Michael has had several of his articles published on different football web sites over the past couple of years.

Email: michael@football-news-views.co.uk



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