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Football News: Thoughts On Liverpool FC's Possible Summer Transfer Plans

Thoughts On Liverpool FC's Possible Summer Transfer Plans
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With some time to think about the summer with that seems like a lifetime between the end of the season and the champion league final, my thoughts drifted to the summer transfer plans. So, thought I would share my thoughts.

Firstly, I think the main goal must be to keep this group of players together. Keep all our big players together and build on it, we have failed to do this after previous seasons when we have come close the Premier League, we all crave. With a few players potentially leaving City, Mahrez, Sane, Otamendi, D. Silva, Fernandinho I think we have every chance of going one better next year.

Goalkeeper - Allison has had a fantastic season, looks steady and we couldn't possibly improve in this area, Mignolet will most likely leave, we will need to replace him with an experienced back up, no idea who this could be but it shouldn't be too costly.

Right Back - I expect some activity here, TTA has been wonderful this year, but his technique is fantastic, as Ed001 has explained, he may end up in midfield. He is certainly capable of doing so. Gomez despite filling in, is not a RB. He should play at CB. An experienced RB with defensive nous would be fantastic addition to the squad.

Centre Back - this is the most difficult to predict in my opinion. If Gomez can stay fit, we have a solid and young centre back pairing. But we do struggle with fitness in this area. In January I would have wanted Matip sold but he has been decent lately and may have earned himself another year. Lovren continues to struggle with injuries and be prone to lapses in concentration. I would sell him if we can find and a buyer and bring in a replacement to push Gomez and Van Dijk.

Left Back - Robertson has made the place his own, absolutely no need to upgrade here, he has proved himself to be one, if not the fittest footballer in the league. But with Moreno and potentially Milner leaving we will need cover. I hope Adam Lewis is given an opportunity in pre-season to see if he is up to the task. If not, a replacement will be required for Moreno, someone like Lloyd Kelly, versatile and young enough to be relatively happy with a hew appearances hopefully.

Defensive Midfield - I don't expect anything to happen here, we have 3 players to play this position in Fabinho, Wijnaldum and Henderson, all of which I expect to stay. Fabinho is one of the first names on the team sheet for me, what a debut season he has had for us.

Centre Midfield - we are pretty much stocked in this area, Henderson, Ox, Wijnaldum, Milner, Keita, TTA (assuming a RB is purchased) all to cover the ½ positions is enough. I would expect this to stay roughly the same this is of course dependant on any outgoings.

Attacking Midfield - we all expect Lallana to leave, he needs to play games and will want to be at the euros. That leaves Shaqiri and Ox. I can't see Shaq playing in any big games because he doesn't work hard enough in my opinion, and he will leave holes in midfield. If we can find a player to cover this position and the front 3 I would expect one to be purchased.

Wingers - we need to keep Mane and Salah. Ox and Shaqiri can cover. I don't fancy Harry Wilson to stay with us, especially if Derby get promoted, the same applies to Camacho, Kent and Ojo. Hopefully we will get decent fees. As touched on below if we can get a versatile player to cover a few positions I think its likely (a Brandt type player)

Striker - Firmino is so valuable to us. We is another one of the names jotted down on the starting line up without second thought. Sturridge will leave. Origi is rumoured to be getting a new contract and I hope he does, his attitude is fantastic, and he has earned it. There is a player in there if we can get it out of him. With Brewster set to be promoted and Salah, Mane able to cover, I don't expect much to happen in this regard.

I don't have any inside knowledge, I'm just going from my personal opinion and all the info on the rumours sites the Eds provide, plus I wanted to kill some time on my lunch break.

What a season we have had lads and lasses, so let's make it better by getting the better of Tottenham Spur in the Champions League Final.

Written by LFCSTE29 May 17 2019 18:21:21