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Football News: Do Liverpool FC Need Aany New Transfers This Season?

Do Liverpool FC Need Aany New Transfers This Season?
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Does anyone see any need for transfers at all this season beyond a slightly greedy in a pursuit for "the perfect squad"? The way I see it you should have cover for most positions by at least 2 players if possible and youth player in case things go really wrong. We have also played players out of position as cover like Milner and Fabinho which has worked out ok in the past as a temporary fix in a pinch.

Goalkeeper is an area we need to look at, Karius and Mignolet don't seem to have a future with us, they would certainly make decent backup keepers but both will want first team so will likely both want out asap. That being said, we need a player that is happy to wait for their chance but could also provide decent cover for the whole season should something drastic happen to Alisson. These things happen in football all the time so to be prepared is the only way.

Defence is another area we could look at but again only as cover. Van Dijk and Gomez have the centre-back positions covered, there is very little we could do to improve on those 2 without spending silly money. This would also mean Gomez is pushed down to 3rd choice and I think most would agree he deserves his place. He and Van Dijk could potentially develop into one of the best defensive partnerships we have seen. Matip has shown he can be a decent backup and therefore if Lovren leaves we only need a 4th choice backup. Right-back is nailed down by TAA and Gomez, Fabinho and Milner can all play there if needed. Robertson is irreplaceable at left-back and his replacement is Milner so it might be worth investing in cover for him, Milner is adequate but it can't hurt to have a more natural left sided player, Moreno just doesn't cut it unfortunately.

Midfield is an area we have abundance of talent and cover, if anything we need to move players on, not buy more. People keep saying we need a creative player but I feel like this is excessive. Unless Milner moves on, I just don't see the need to buy yet another midfielder. We don't have a David Silva type player but we have plenty that are capable of creative football such as Wijnaldum, Fabinho, Oxlade and Keita. This is also ignoring the fact that Firmino plays a slightly deeper roll and is the creative lynchpin of most of our attacks. We are better off looking for a player to cover him than another midfielder.

And finally, we have the best 3 forwards in the league, their synergy is unbelievable and they wreak havoc week in week out. Even if they fail to score, its normally down to extreme defending by the opposition rather than poor attacking by us. We bought Shaqiri last season who, although at times has been under scrutiny, is still a very capable backup to Salah. Then there is Origi who has shown he can be very capable backup for Mane. This leaves the centre which was covered by Sturridge but this season I think we have a ready made replacement in Brewster.

So the only positions in need of recruitment in my opinion are a 2nd choice goalkeeper, a 2nd choice left-back and a 4th choice centre-back.

Written by Noshbag May 30 2019 14:31:11