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Football News: Let's assess where the Manchester United team is currently

Let's assess where the Manchester United team is currently
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So the transfer window is nearly over, and people have started losing their minds. So let's assess where the Manchester United team is currently.

Last season was a disaster, however, this side does have more quality than last season showed. Mourinho was in charge for 20 games, and the fractured relationship between him and certain characters in the squad meant that we never got out of second gear. For Mourinho's part he seemed reluctant to try playing a different way, which is his prerogative, it has after all brought him a lot of success. In hindsight however, maybe mixing things up might have been a better route to take.

Ole then came in and there was a new manager bounce. Some people will point out that we had a "easy run", yet the teams we played during that run were the same teams we struggled to beat with Mourinho as manager and teams that beat Man City, Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal last season. It might sound like a cliche but there are no easy games in the EPL.

So depending on your view point either the new bounce effect wore off, or the higher energy style Ole wanted to implement (and did during his first few games) started to take its toll and Ole and the coaching staff had to change tactics to fit in with the players fitness levels.

During pre-season we have seen a big focus on fitness and the performances have shown a higher pressing harder working style (albeit against lesser teams or teams building up fitness themselves) .

So last season we missed out on top four by 5 points. If we were able to maintain the style Ole implemented in his first few games for the whole of the second half of last season I think its fair to say we would have picked up the 2-3 more wins needed to make top four.

However, its also important to note that when Ole took over we were already 11 points off of top four. Had he started on a even keel then he would have also qualified for top four.

So why is it now impossible for us to even compete for the top four this season? I think a course of Prozac is needed for many people on this site.

Since last season we have signed statistically the best header of the ball in the EPL, and the best one on one defender in the EPL. Both have drastically improved our defence, many of those silly goals we conceded last season should be cut out this season. I wouldn't be surprised if we conceded 20 goals fewer this season than last season.

In Dan James we have an excellent option off the bench, hard working, terrier type player with real scary pace.

We also have massively improved the players fitness and had time to develop a style and way of playing.

Then we have player such as McTominay and Tuanzebe who look ready to take the next step in their careers and push for a regular first team spot.

Slightly lower in the pecking order we have the likes Greenwood and Gomes who both look like they can have an impact in the first team. I wouldn't be surprised to see either or even both first choice by the end of the season.

So overall we are in a much stronger position to last season. The whole squad is fitter and have a better understanding of what the manager wants. Key players look ready to step up and improve on their previous showings, and we have a clutch of super talented youngsters who look like they can press for a role in the first team.

Does that mean everything is sunny in our little garden? No, we still look light on quality in midfield, and we struggle to create chances when Pogba doesn't play. Also Lukaku looks to have thrown his toys out the pram in order to try and force through a move. Pogba may also leave, or he may stay. Both scenarios can be framed in a negative way, either we are losing a key player or keeping a disruptive influence. However, his actions last season seem more aimed at the previous manager than the club. So maybe if he stays and he is happy with Ole as his manager then maybe he will knuckle down. It's a concern but all we can do is wait and see, no point winding ourselves up about what might happen as it might not happen also.

We have a stronger, fitter and hungrier squad than last season. Last seasons's squad could have finished in the top four had they had a whole season under Ole rather than a half season. So there is no reason to believe this squad is incapable of competing and finishing in the top four.

Plus its not like our rivals for forth place (Chelsea and Arsenal) are ripping up any trees. One has a transfer ban and lost their best player, while the other has made a decent signing in Pepe, but have failed to improve on their key weaknesses from last season.

So let's sit back, see what tomorrow brings, and then just support the team we have.

Written by Shappy August 07 2019 16:36:21


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