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Football News: Nottingham Forest v Birmingham City Review

Nottingham Forest v Birmingham City Review
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Nottingham Forest v Birmingham City Review 17 Auguat 2019
Possibly the most surprising aspect of todays game was the performance of the visiting side who on this showing could be in for a very long hard season as quite frankly as has already been stated they simply did not turn up today and will suffer bigger defeats than this if they play the same way again.

I was a little surprised at the starting line up in particular the continued use of Cash at right back but it quickly became apparent that today was one of those days when it would really quite difficult to surmise anything about Forests defensive capabilities because they were simply given no test at all.

We had complete and utter control of the midfield from minute 1 with Lolley at last looking a little more like his old self and the ball was being passed around into plenty of space resulting to no ones real surprise in us taking the lead courtesy of a wonderful Lolley strike.

The game was to continue on in much the same fashion and any punitive long balls up from Birmingham were dealt with easily by our defence with Dawson once again at the forefront.

Following on from his efforts at Leeds Grabban to me continued to show a little more enthusiasm and hunger for the ball and was justly rewarded with a well taken second goal.

I felt that shortly after this we perhaps took our foot of the pedal and the tempo of the game slowed a little but it made little difference to Birmingham who continued to huff and puff and struggle all over the pitch even at this point looking a little " leggy " to me and at no point did they seriously threaten our goal.

Certainly the introduction of Silva early in the second half appeared to re ignite things and a thumping header from Dawson gave us a third goal with pretty well the remainder of the game seeing us lay siege to Birminghams goal with Lolley, Sow, Ameobi and Grabban all guilty of missing gilt edged chances to add to the tally alongside a very cheeky effort from Mir over his head using the sole of his boot.

The scoreline is far from a flattering one and in truth 6 - 0 would not have been either on a lovely sunny day on Trentside.

I do not want to appear churlish here at all but it really was one of those games where it was difficult to glean anything from individual performances, particularly defensively, because we had so little to do against a dire Birmingham side.

For example did we witness the resurgence of Lolley today or the first meaningful strides towards recapturing that form?

I would suggest the latter which in itself can only be a good thing amongst many other decent signs of a side perhaps learning a little more about each other as the season progresses.

One cannot take this as a sign we have become world beaters overnight but we have in the past struggled aginst poor sides and far too often tossed points away which quite simply never ever looked like happening today which even the most cynical amongst us ( and I count myself one of those sometimes ) would have to admit is a good sign.

So the first of two trips down London to come but I am kidding no one when I say my eyes are already looking beyond that to the 27th so thanks if you made it this far and

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