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Football News: I've come to terms with the fact that Manchester United are no longer a dominant force

I've come to terms with the fact that Manchester United are no longer a dominant force
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From a personal perspective I've entered a period of calm reflection. I've come to terms with the fact that we are no longer the dominant force and re assessed my expectations. Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired I have experienced the whole range of emotions from hope to anger to despair and back again.

I have come to realise that we won't get back to the top of English football without a plan. I'm no longer convinced you can meaningfully measure progress by league position alone. I no longer care about finishing in the top 4. The overriding objective must be to finish 1st. Finishing 4th is not success, making up the numbers in the Champions League is not success. The worry for me has always been when we begin to be satisfied with finishing 4th and just making up the numbers then we may never find our way back.

I believe Ole is trying to change the culture at our Club. For too long players have been allowed to coast, sat comfortably on big wages they wouldn't get anywhere else. In my opinion you can forget everything that happened in his first 6 months. He was working with a squad without the opportunity to stamp his own authority on the team. In his first window he's been brave and decisive Lukaku and Sanchez are gone. Matic relegated to the bench. Jones and Smalling banished from the match day squad. Players such as Greenwood and Gomes will now get their chance. I've read this page daily since I joined over 12 months ago and this is what most posters wanted to happen. (I won't mention Pogba because that's a topic of its own) .

It's clear he prioritised the signings of AWB and Maguire over other targets. The best teams are always built from strong foundations and the team now has a platform to play. Ole wants players that are willing to run, work hard and respect the badge. Without the recruitment of any attacking players we'll undoubtedly see the likes of Greenwood, Gomes and Chong given significant game time.

We don't want to be a mercenaries graveyard. I want to see these young players given a chance. I want to see Rashford and Martial fulfil their potential. I want to see us play with energy and intensity. I want to see us work hard forming partnerships, relationships and understandings all over the pitch. I want to see us work towards something that could eventually lead us back to the top but I understand this will take time and patience.

I don't know if we'll finish in the top 4 but does it really matter. What if the likes of Greenwood, Gomes and James make an impact, what if Rashford and Martial improve further. What if we play some decent football but results are inconsistent because we have a young and inexperienced squad. These players won't win us the league yet but if they continue to progress and demonstrate the right attitude do they not deserve our patience and support.

Written by DLIB August 29 2019 13:15:36