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Football News: It's time for Ole to blood the youngsters in at Manchester United

It's time for Ole to blood the youngsters in at Manchester United
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Another impotent display, another conservative team selection, more dropped points for Manchester United.

I think Ole's biggest mistake so far has been failing to build on the optimism and form of pre season and failing to unleash the kids. After last weekends calamity he had to be braver and try something different. There is no point in letting the likes of Sanchez and Lukaku leave the Club if the plan is to rely on Mata or Pereria to provide the attacking impetus.

Mata is a solid professional, he's a good player but he lacks the pace and mobility to play the type of football Ole desires. He's been at the Club over 5 years and has failed to consistently nail down a starting position under three different managers. We all know what to expect from Mata, maybe he'd benefit from playing slightly deeper in a midfield 3 to help us control possession and the tempo of games once we have established control. His days as a RW or even a No10 are over in my opinion.

Pereria will be 24 years old in January and can sadly no longer be considered a young player. He's been involved in pre season tours dating back to the LVG era without ever being able to establish himself in the team. I'm not sure he's demonstrated anything to suggest he will make it at Utd.

I've said it a thousand times but if you take the energy, intensity and pace from this Utd team it's ordinary. It's strength is playing on the counter attack or in the transitions either breaking quickly or winning the ball back higher up the pitch and attacking the opposition with pace. We are a direct team not accustomed to keeping possession for long periods. We lack the patience or player rotation to break teams down that sit deep and defend their area. We are at our best when players have space in front of them to break into. We are able to get many players forward in support at lightening speed but Ole must find a solution to dealing with dogged defences. Starting Mata and Pereria together was a mistake and counter productive in my opinion. Neither have the pace or ability to run directly with the ball or to get forward quickly in support of their teammates if we suddenly break quickly or counter attack. They often want to occupy similar positions on the pitch, they are easy to defend against and leave the team woefully unbalanced with no attacking threat or defensive cover on the right side.

With Martial injured and Lingard out of form Southampton was the perfect opportunity for Ole to play Gomes and Greenwood. Two youngsters that have the ability to excite and create. It's been systematic of previous Utd managers to keep returning to the same players and expecting different outcomes and Ole is falling into the same trap.

The squad has been decimated with many experienced players allowed to leave and not replaced. Sanchez, Lukaku, Herrera and Fellaini have all left leaving the squad threadbare. It's open to conjecture regarding why theses players haven't been replaced but this is the position we find ourselves and I don't think they have been moved on without the managers blessing.

It's time for Ole to blood the youngsters, this is a position he has manufactured, he must now trust his own policy and place his faith in these kids. Loosing his nerve and turning his back on this approach will not yield results. Matic, Mata, Lingard etc have all had their chance and have been unable to deliver consistently. Ole must learn quickly that this will not change. Blooding the youngsters may just buy Ole some time and currency with the fans. They're probably not ready, it's a massive ask to expect fledging players to carry a Club the size of Utd but Ole is out of options. A few good results with a couple of youngsters excelling may just slow the mutiny, dissent and dissatisfaction building on the terraces. Utd fans can be a sentimental bunch and if a Greenwood or Gomes or a Chong can suggest that their may be brighter days ahead Ole might just get the chance to complete the rebuild. Fortune favours the brave or so the saying goes.

Written by DLIB September 01 2019 01:25:42


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