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Football News: It Seems There is Division Between Leeds United Supporters

It Seems There is Division Between Leeds United Supporters
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Oh the joy to be back in Leeds! Got off the plane at Leeds-Bradford expecting the worst. Prepared accordingly with my jeans already on, jumper, jacket ready to go, and all I got was a mild shower.

So, seems there is a divide. Leeds United beat one of the of the main rivals in Brom at home and it is a little quiet. In that game I think Bielsa did change tactics evident by taking Roberts off after bringing him on because knew we were being overrun in the middle. So I don't get how some say Bielsa doesn't see what we see. He see's a lot more of the entire squad in training than we do unless we are all now stood with fat Frank outside Thorpe Arch learning from the man.

We lose to Millwall and its Bielsa out, Radz out, ship them all out. Not good enough! The team that finished 3rd in the league last season with only the addition of Douglas and Bamford to the first team which a season before finished 15th. I am sure a few would have shipped Dallas out a season ago. Forshaw would have been there, Cooper, Philips, Klich. I watched the game with some Millwall fans over in Malta and it was through the IFollow thing so Millwall commentators too and can tell you in the second half when we had 10 men both on the tv and those around me all supporting Millwall said the same thing, and it was only one thing happening! "Leeds are scoring again! We look like we have ten men not them. " Honestly I respected that because that is how I was watching the game. Ten men from 15 minutes down and we had the ball.

My problem. Here it comes! Harrison cannot find a player in the box that is on his team. He has a great touch, but holds play up, thinks - over thinks, finds nobody. Alioski however puts the ball in first time but is playing fullback! If he got to the byeline to do it there might be more clearcut chances.
Costa for me is all left foot so should be on the left rather than the right. He is wasted out on the right handside.

Bamford has impressed me. He really is working hard and I do love it, but even I now have screamed at the screen that he should not miss some of the chances he has had. Ball - net, and put it there. Bermo sorry mate but don't get where you compare him to Firmino! I think Firmino enjoys creating goals as much as scoring them and Bamford is not even on the same planet as him. A million miles apart in comparison as what you call a false nine. I hope I am later made to eat my words and Bamford is the new Firmino because for me he is priceless for Liverpool.

Seen a few suggest the 3-2-3-2 thing and I do like that. Bielsa though overloads out wide having the wingbacks overlap the wide players that then become inside-forwards. I doubt he will change to that.

Final thought; Radz! He has invested heavily. Training ground, Elland Road, Wages that have all been increased. Cellino came in and saw the club was running at a major loss. GFH wanted a finger in a pie and when they saw the mess they just milked what was through dividends allowed after tax. Bates must have been laughing his knackers off. Cellino came in and cut the costs by stripping everything. Even us as a club. The womens team went! He said he would buy Elland Road the day after he took control and never did. He sacked half the staff and scrapped the entire youth policy that we all know has provided many great players over the year. Radz invested back into that. Evident by the success of the 18's and 23's last season.

Oh and agents take a fee for ever contract signed. There is a signing on fee, loyalty bonus, selling on bonus, and as I think ED1 did once try to explain no transfer fee is paid in full. Out of the Clarke transfer for instance I doubt Leeds got more than 2.5 million up front. Rest will be over 48 months and then a sell on clause and international appearances. I also think Wex gets confused at a full stadium meaning we get loads of cash! Season ticket holders have paid there money and along with sponsors it all comes in before a ball is kicked.

Ausman will have to tell me if I beat Bermo for length.

Of post I mean.

Written by LeedsMalta October 08 2019 23:43:50


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