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Football News: Liverpool v Arsenal - A Liverpool Perspective

Liverpool v Arsenal - A Liverpool Perspective
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Liverpool v Arsenal A Liverpool Perspective


A crazy, crazy game! I doubt anyone would have called 5-5 before kick off. Liverpool caused their own problems and every single one of the Arsenal goals came from bad errors by Liverpool players. But an error-strewn game like that, added to the players barely being able to keep their feet, made for an enjoyable watch. Much better than I had expected when I started watching.

Arsenal, I have to say, disappointed me massively. Their team was much more experienced overall with a number of players who are meant to be special talents, but most of those so-called talents just seemed a bit lazy and lacking in any genuine quality. Though how much of that was down to them getting a lead and just being woefully unsuited to defending it, well it is difficult to say.

Added to that Arsenal never had to do much to create chances as Liverpool made so many unforced errors and handed them their goals on a plate. Even the long range screamer was poor defending as everyone just ran away from Willock leaving him with time and space to pick his spot, though he did pick it with great aplomb!

It is actually difficult to praise any of the players, on either side, as no one really impressed. Which is why it finished 5-5, as both teams were playing poorly. In particular Liverpool were guilty of some dreadful passes, Milner, especially, had his worst game in a Liverpool shirt. It was really unlike him and he still had the balls to step up twice and convert penalties, so it is probably unfair to criticise him for his one-off dreadful performance. Especially in a season he has been in and out of the team, more out than in.

Keita looked sloppy, his first touch was heavy and, like a lot of the players, he could barely keep his feet. The worst thing he did was to turn into Lallana, and take 45 touches when one or two would do and end up getting crowded and losing the ball repeatedly. Then Lallana would do the same, to the point where "Lallana overplaying it" was said by the commentator so much I was wondering if he had changed his name by deed poll.

But I want to pick out some positives, rather than just negatives, as it is time to look at what those players could offer in the future. So Kelleher, while he made a bad error for one of the goals, he never let it affect his game and he stayed calm and composed on the ball. Many a youngster would have let that mistake fluster him and make more errors. He just got on with it and continued to be unflappable on the ball.

Williams struggled badly to start with, but he got better as the game went on and ended up by finally putting in (after many tries) a decent delivery from wide to get himself an assist. There is definitely something there for the coaching staff to work with, especially considering he was an attacking midfielder until recently. His technique is good, he is comfortable on the ball and gave Saka a difficult night.

Gomez grew into the game, after having a bit of a mare to begin with, he got better and finally realised that just passing it around at the back was pointless when the space was in front of him to use. Once he started driving forward with the ball, it made a huge difference to the game.

Oxlade-Chamberlain showed good workrate, ignored the boos from the idiots in the Arsenal section, before ramming those boos down their throats with an excellent goal. He still looks short of his best, but he is getting there and there is reason to be optimistic about his ability to come up with a goal from midfield.

Chirivella came on for Ox and immediately made the team more solid and look less likely to give away a soft goal.

Jones replaced Keita and made a huge difference to the Liverpool performance. In part that was due to a change in system, but also due to his willingness to move around and his good touch.

Elliott showed some really good flashes of his ability and worked his socks off for the team.

Brewster worked hard, showed strength and good movement to panic Mustafi into putting the ball into his own net. He never gave up and began to look a threat late in the game with his movement.

Origi, well you just have to love his ability to score important goals.

Written by Tris Burke November 01 2019 11:04:40


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