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Football News: Panic is one of the reasons the Manchester United squad is so poor

Panic is one of the reasons the Manchester United squad is so poor
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Panic is one of the reasons the Manchester United squad is so poor. The club need to be strong enough in their leadership not to bow to fan pressure and panic buy its a simple as that.

I think we could do with 7 new players to have a strong enough squad to challenge on all fronts, whilst several of our younger players will need to fulfil their potential. That isn't realistic in one or even two transfer windows.

However, the solution is to break it down in to what positions are vital. We ideally need back up/ challenge Shaw at LB as Young won't last forever. We could do with another CB as Jones, Smalling, Rojo and Bailly either don't look like they can stay fit or are good enough. Leaving us with just three CB's in Maguire, Lindelof and Tuanzebe.

In midfield we need a DM to replace Matic, a No.10 to add creativity in the final third and probably a player to replace Pogba and offer creativity from deeper in midfield. We also need a player who can play wide right as a more traditional wide player as we have players on the left who like to cut in and AWB isn't the best at offering a serious threat when overlapping. Often meaning we are narrow in attack on the right hand side. Finally we need another out and out striker, ideally someone who is mobile like martial but offers a more physical presence and a threat from aerial balls.
So, CB, LB, DM, CM, AM, RW and ST.

Dealing with this will need a more long term view. Taking in the belief in some of our youngsters fulfilling some roles and keeping players maybe not considered good enough for a season or two longer to add depth while younger players mature or we have the chance to bring in better players a year or two later.

Brandon Williams could offer the solution at LB to challenge Shaw, it will mean Shaw will have to continue most weeks at LB. But is LB as important a position as to redirect finances and focus away from other positions to bring in someone like Chilwell for 50-60m?

Maybe keeping Rojo or Smalling a season or two longer means we don't have to bring in another option at CB.

Could we try and adapt Dalot into a traditional wide player on the right hand side rather than sign a new RW? He has the pace and trickery to play further forward as well as arguably being one of the best crossers at the club. Often most top RW's often like to drift inwards to shoot or find space nowadays. So would signing a player similar (although higher quality) to Andreas Pereira or Lingard make a huge tactical difference? Greenwood can play as a wide player who cuts in to shoot on the RW, Dalot could be the option that stays wide to stretch teams.

If Williams, Rojo/ Smalling, and Dalot/ Greenwood can for another year cover LB, CB and RW then what we are looking for is three first choice midfielders, two creative and one holding, and a striker to challenge Martial/ offer a different option.

Suddenly four player, for next season seems more achievable. Plus if we are honest our biggest weakness is controlling the midfield. We struggle to set the tempo which exposes our defence and we struggle to create against teams that set up a low block. Just changing our midfield would offer a huge change in our ability to get results.

Someone like Rice, Florentina Luis or Zakaria sitting at the base of midfield. With SMS, DvdB or Aouar in midfield and one of Maddison, Dani Olmo or Havertz in the No.10 role.

Suddenly we have a very different side. With players like McTominay, Fred, Garner and Gomes offering support/ challenging for places.

Written by Shappy November 08 2019 15:12:07


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