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Football News: Sacking one person at Manchester United won't transform the way the club is run

Sacking one person at Manchester United won't transform the way the club is run
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I think we need to move away from the idea that sacking one person could transform the way the club is run. Manchester United is not an autocracy. There are multiple people in multiple roles both providing input and receiving advice from what is considered appropriate sources.

The problem is as United supporters we have seen huge success at our club driven seemingly by one figure head, be that Sir Matt Busby or Sir Alex Ferguson.

Yet in truth the success of the club was not down entirely to those men. You need sensible, well educated and understanding people in all areas of the club working together to do their best.

Sir Alex had huge success, but what if the club wasn't able to afford or negotiate the deal to sign Cantona? Or Keane, or Stam, or RvN or Rio etc.

Sir Alex was supported by good business people who enable him to have the autonomy to bring in the best players.

We had a good scouting system that worked with the manager to find players who suited the needs of the first team and fitted in with the dynamic of the squad and the image of the club.

Currently we seem to have the financial side being well taken care of. A world record deal with a Chinese based company is supposedly being discussed for a new shirt sponsor. Which in light of our on field issues would be quite a coup.

The issue is we have made poor footballing decisions. Three of the four managers hired since Sir Alex retired could be called pragmatic managers, which isn't really in keeping with the traditions of the club. That makes it harder for fans to feel a continuity or connection with the football on show.

The recruitment has been terrible, and this is where we really need to address the problem. We have signed players with no larger view or consideration for what the squad is currently, or which young players are coming through. There has been no synergy to our recruitment process.

That has left us with a mish mash squad where you can't name a starting 11 where every players is playing in the role best suited to them and their skillset.

Too many players having to adapt or change their role for the team. And not enough world class players to carry those making those adjustments.

We can keep chopping and changing the manager, yet whoever it is will struggle to make a great team out of the squad we currently have.

We need to clear out 10-12 players, and bring in at least 8, maybe more unless 3-4 of our youngsters can fulfil their potential.

We don't have to clear them all out because they aren't necessarily good players. But because some of them don't suit the squad or the overall ideology of the side.

If it was me from the limited knowledge I have I would go all out to bring Ralf Rangnick and Paul Mitchell to the club from Red Bull.

Make Mitchell the head of recruitment. Rangnick would come in as manager for a year, while a new structure is built with him eventually moving back into a DoF role and a new manager appointed who fits the new system and vision of what is being built.

How realistic that is, I don't know. Would either Mitchell or Rangnick be happy with that idea, or want to come to United. I don't know. But both seem well suited to those roles, have worked well together.

Written by Shappy November 27 2019 16:08:23


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