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Football News: Top 10 Right-Backs

Top 10 Right-Backs
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Top 10 Right-Backs


10. Ricardo Pereira - Leicester City

Not the best defensively, or even close to it, but the alternatives have even bigger problems. Bellerin has been injured for a long spell, Azpilicueta is struggling to get back into the groove (so to speak) at right-back and Meunier struggles to get a game for PSG. So it leaves Pereira, who is a bit caught between two stools. Not quite good enough going forward to be a winger, but not really good enough defensively to be a world class right-back. He also lacks the work ethic to be a true wing-back in a back 3/5 system. However, all that said and done, he is excellent going forward from the deeper position, so long as you do not mind him being a bit lackadaisical when it comes to getting back. All modern full-backs get caught upfield at times, it is the way they are played nowadays, but he can be a bit lazy at getting back. Going forward, his link up play is among the best of all the right-backs, he is good on the ball but those defensive weaknesses are a problem.


9. Aaron Wan-Bissaka - Manchester United

The best one-on-one defender of the lot, works hard and has lots of pace, but he is very raw and still adjusting to the role. The recent move to Man Utd has not done him any favours, yet, as he is still finding his feet there, but I am sure it will benefit him in the future. At the moment though his weaknesses are being exposed as he is not quite being used in a way that suits him most. I would expect the experience will improve him as a footballer in the long term, but in the short term it is keeping him lower down the list than he probably deserves.


8. Nordi Mukiele - RB Leipzig

RBL seem to have a habit of finding young talented French defenders to populate their backline. Mukiele may just be the best of them though he may, in time, end up at centre-back. Right now he looks better on the right, where his athleticism and quality on the ball make him an outstanding prospect.


7. Kyle Walker - Manchester City

Not everyone's cup of tea and he is prone to rash moments, however he has the ability to be one of the top 3, it is those rash moment that hold him back. Physically he is immense, incredible pace and power, with an exceptional technique. Unfortunately those rash moments often come when he gets in position to use his technique and so he is nowhere near making the most of his talents. At his best, he is a battering ram of a right back who smashes his way through games at 100 miles an hour. Unfortunately his best is not on display anywhere near often enough and, if he does not sort his head out, he will end up gradually slipping down this list the next few tiems it is drawn up.


6. Nelson Semedo - Barcelona

Very much a modern day full-back/wing-back, excellent going forward but not very strong defensively. Semedo is very suited to the way Barca play, he is an excellent one/two-touch footballer, which does mean he might not be quite as good for other sides, but for them he is an excellent player.


5. Matt Doherty - Wolverhampton Wanderers

Doherty has, quite simply, been a revelation since taking up a role as right wing-back. I know he is not strictly playing at right-back, but it is close enough to count as most modern day full-backs play as wing-backs anyway. He offers everything from a goal threat to a defensive presence and has been exceptional since Wolves reached the Premier League.


4. Noussair Mazraoui - Ajax

The outstanding player left at Ajax following the summer sales. He is quick, technically adept, particularly good going forward but not bad defensively either. I find it extremely surprising that they were able to hold onto him in the summer, as he would have been the one in their team I would have targeted.


3. Achraf Hakimi - Borussia Dortmund

Young he may be, but he is the shining light of Dortmund's season from full-back, mainly. There have been times when he has almost singlehandedly torn opposing teams apart. It remains to be seen if he will end up playing at right-back on a long-term basis though, Hakimi has the skills to play just about anywhere.


2. Trent Alexander-Arnold - Liverpool

I actually originally had him as top, but realised I might well be biased, so moved him to 2. He is an incredible attacking presence, creates numerous chances and his range of passing would put 99% of midfielders to shame. Even his defensive weaknesses have improved markedly in the last few months, to the point where he no longer is a worry when facing a one-on-one against an opposition winger. Now his attacking threat is immense and opposing teams set up to try and nullify him, rather than attack him.


1. Joshua Kimmich - Bayern Munich

The most balanced of the top class right-backs, strong going forward and strong in defence. A true successor to Philip Lahm. It is very rare to find full-backs that are able to defend these days, which makes him stand out.

Written by Tris Burke December 04 2019 13:41:29


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