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Football News: Wolves vs Liverpool Review

Wolves vs Liverpool Review
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Wolves vs Liverpool Review

A really tough game, probably one of the toughest we have had all season and up there with Villa away as one of the games we have been pushed in most. Two factors were at play - Wolves quality, and our distinct lack of it for large parts of the game. Having said that we have, again, managed to grind out a win despite not being our best, despite facing quality opposition, an it is this mentality that has lead to us being in the position we find ourselves in the league,

I thought Wolves were very good, caused us significant problems, and had a number of very open chances which we were fortunate they didn't make more of. I think defensive is their weak point and I would imagine it is an area they will look to strengthen moving forward.

As for us? I thought a number of players looked leggy and off the pace and, because of this, we looked a lot more disjointed than usual. Mane limping off did not help and the punishing schedule of recent weeks seems to be having an effect on some of our players. Never the less we made more chances, had more possession, and though Wolves were spirited, I hardly think we stole the game.


Alisson - 7 - had we worried with some of his passing but, to his credit, it was flawless. Made good saves that you would expect him to make and was faultless for their equaliser.

TAA - 6 - Not the best game from him, he was one who looked a little jaded and who we didn't see too much of. His deliveries are an asset though and it was another one which lead to our opener. Defensively he did OK but kept retreating a lot rather than meeting the player attacking him - was also very lucky his late lapse in concentration at the end didn't give them another goal.

Robertson - 4 - He had an absolute stinker. Probably his worst game for us, I think he looked really leggy and tired and his concentration just wasn't good. He was culpable for their first goal and I struggle to think of something good he did, the only reason his rating isn't lower is he has been such a beast for us it feels wrong to critique too harshly what was a very rare bad game from him.

Gomez - 7 - You could argue he should've be tighter on Jimenez for their goal but I think the way that goal built up made his life difficult. I thought he defended well for the most part and kept it very tight and solid at the back against a good attack.

Van Dijk - 6 - For once he didn't have it all his own way and dominate as Jimenez and Traore really put him under pressure. Jimenez won the ball in the air a few times against him and held it up well, Van Dijk's standards are really high but for once I thought his partner has the better game.

Henderson - 8 - Mr. Consistent. Got himself a goal, looked to use the ball well, assisted Bobby when Salah was clearly never going to, and just produced another captains performance. The lad has been immense and is one of the driving factors behind our ability to keep grinding out results.

Wijinaldum - 6 - Even though he looked leggy at times he never stopped working and chasing and running. We've certainly seen him have better games but in these tough away games you need someone who can use and retain the ball and for the most part he did that.

Ox - 4 - Another poor performance from him which is a worry as he doesn't seem to be finding many good performances at the minute. The game seemed to pass him by and whether he was in midfield, or on the left, he struggled to influence proceedings in any meaningful way. The only surprise about his substitution was that it took so long to make.

Mane - n/ a - Looked lively in bursts and had a few half chances he, on a different day, may of made more of. Game ended early due to injury.

Salah - 5 - So unbelievably selfish as to be detrimental to the team as a whole. His actual attacking play, hold up play, dribbling, etc was decent and Wolves never looked comfortable against him, but he had at least 3 golden chances to pass the ball to a team mate in space and selfishly chose to go it alone with a much more difficult chance. The only player in the team who looks like he is in it for himself more than for the good of the team. Very disappointing.

Firmino - 7 - He found it difficult to get on the ball for large parts of the game and, though he never stopped running and pressing, wasn't doing all that much to threaten. Came alive in the last 20 minutes and scored a really well taken goal to give us the points - not the first time he has scored an important goal for us.


Minamino - 6 - Don't want to be too harsh on a new signing in his first Premier League game hence the rating. I thought he looked better in the first half, on the left, than in the second in Ox's place in midfield. He made a number of good runs into space but was never found by a team mate - this was an intense game and he looked bewildered by it at times. Enough there though to suggest he will be a valuable asset once he gets used to the pace of the league - there a few opponents who will give him as tough a time as Wolves.

Fabinho - 5 - I thought he looked a little sluggish to be honest, but you would expect that after coming back from injury. Still thought we looked more solid when he came on and, once he is up to speed, can see him taking Ox's place.

Origi - n/ a - not really enough time to make an impact and, as he came on after our 2nd goal, little to remark upon as we were in siege mode.

Klopp - We won and thus, we got it right. I'm sure even he recognises that some of the players were struggling physically and will make the appropriate changes for the FA Cup tie. The level and consistency he has the team playing at is absolutely ridiculous though, even in the best case scenarios in my head I couldn't of imagined this.


3 more points on the board. Keep taking it a game at a time and we'll be in an excellent position.

Written by Seano_ January 24 2020 09:32:52


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