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Football News: How Can The Current Liverpool Team Be Improved?

How Can The Current Liverpool Team Be Improved?
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Been having a few thoughts about where we could possibly improve the Liverpool F.C. team. It's difficult to criticise when we are doing so well, but I'm a firm believer in constantly improving. So I put my head to thinking about the weaknesses in the current team and came up with 3. I'm not talking about growing the squad or providing cover but actual improvements to the first team.


And no my suggestions for improvements will not be reasonable, just hypothetical examples based on ability. Probably get slated for this and yes i'm aware that we are probably the best team in the world ATM but just indulge me!


So (Unsurprisingly) the first team in my head is:
TAA - Gomez - VVD - Robertson
Hendo - Fabinho - Wijnaldum
Salah - Bobby - Mane


1. Gomez - So first off I love this kid, I think he's a great foil for VVD and works well with him. But I feel he lacks a little in the physical battles and whilst quick enough to cover for his occasional mistakes, I feel he is a bit lacking aerially. I think this would be highlighted more if VVD were to be injured at any time, so i would consider a player such as Koulibaly an upgrade.


2. Wijnaldum - Close between Wijnaldum and Hendo here, but for me Wijnaldum would be the one to be replaced. Again, I don't realise what he brings to the team. Work rate, technique and assisting / covering the fullbacks getting forward is superb. Why I feel we could do better is that he goes missing sometimes, and his clear eye for goal and ability to drive at defenses from deep is just too inconsistent in a red shirt for me. I feel that a player like Kevin De Bruyne or similar would be able to do exactly the same as what Wijnaldum does, as well as provide more goals, assists and creativity from midfield. Perhaps we already have the answer in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain?


3. Bobby Firmino - Love the bloke, so important to the way we play and links everything we do attacking-wise together. I'm in no doubt Mane and Salah would be nowhere near as effective without him being there. But you guessed it, the bloke is not a natural goalscorer. Whilst i'm not saying he isn't capable of scoring loads (as we've seen, he can with his 27-ish a couple years back).

He is the player most likely from our front 3 to waste a golden chance, like we saw against Norwich City only a few days back to bury the game. And if you look at the chances missed throughout his time with us, there are quite a lot. Usually doesn't get looked at too much as we usually win the game anyway. I believe this will eventually cost us, and whilst I would love for a player to come in that could do everything Bobby does and be more of a natural goalscorer, i'm not sure such a player exists.


Well that's it, 3 areas of weakness, but I think this Liverpool team is the best I have ever witnessed and i'm not suggesting at all I am not happy, because I absolutely am. So, I don't need lecturing on it because I know how good we are as it stands. If you're going to reply with something like, Bobby is integral to how we play, Koulibaly is a left sided defender so couldn't play with VVD, or something like that, save yourself some time and read this again.

Just food for thought, bit of fun and interested to hear others views and alternatives.

Written by Westwood666 February 18 2020 15:28:19


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