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Football News: Review Of The Day 29th March 2020

Review Of The Day 29th March 2020
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Review of the Day



Chelsea forward Olivier Giroud has revealed that he nearly joined Inter Milan in January. Giroud told French TV: "For me the most interesting project was the one with Inter; I already spoke with Conte and he coached me at Chelsea. I lived six difficult months and I wanted a change of air, but my club made the condition to find a replacement before letting me leave. I hoped until midnight on January 31 that I'd transfer in nerazzurro. Lazio came here to London to speak with the managers, but at the end I needed to understand that I'd be staying. Everything pushed back to June with Inter? Who knows.."


Disciplinary Charges

After Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off on his Champions League debut for Juventus, the Portugese forward gifted all his teammates iMacs. He did so due to a rule Massimiliano Allegri implemented at the club that any player sent off had to buy presents for all his teammates as a sorry. The story was revealed by former Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny who also had to buy the squad gifts after being late for training. Szvzesny bought the team Beats headphones.


Coronavirus Latest

Newport County's Rodney Parade stadium has become a fast-track coronavirus testing location for NHS staff. Managing director of one of the other teams who use the stadium, rugby team Dragons, Mark Jones said: "The health service and care workers are doing an incredible job in such difficult circumstances, so we are happy to offer our help and support in any way we can. Playing our part in the local community is the at heart of what we're about at the Dragons, and in times of crisis people stick together to help their community. We would urge everyone to follow the latest NHS advice on protecting themselves from the virus, particularly to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel."

Heart of Midlothian owner Ann Budge has warned the club's playing staff that the club may suspend salaries in future. Budge has written to the players to warn them that there is a clause in Scottish players' contracts that allows the contracts to be frozen. Clause 12 in players contracts in Scotland states: "In the event of the Scottish FA deciding that the game shall be suspended, either entirely or in any district or districts as provided for in the articles of association of the Scottish FA, this agreement shall be correspondingly suspended, unless the club is exempted from such suspension or the club otherwise determines." Club captain Steven Naismith has accepted the 50% pay cut that Hearts has asked them to take and manager Daniel Stendel has waived all of his wages throughout the shutdown. Budge said: "The club feels it is necessary to clarify, once again, that contrary to a report in the media no 'warning' has been made to our players in regard to agreeing to wage cuts or Clause 12 being invoked. A letter was sent to the squad, on the advice of the SPFL and its legal advisors, in order to protect the club's rights. The covering email that accompanied the letter very clearly stated that: We have not, at this time, decided to exercise this right and are working diligently to find an alternative solution to the unprecedented financial problems facing the club as a consequence of the suspension of the game. As previously intimated we plan to pay full salaries as normal until the end of March. However, in doing so, we need to make it very clear that we do not waive our right to suspend player agreements in the future, should we require to do so to safeguard the future of the club. Hearts continue to have regular open dialogue with players and are all working together to get through this incredibly difficult time."

Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti has revealed that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is still angry about the decision to play the Champions League clash with Atletico Madrid amidst the coronavirus crisis. Ancelotti told Corriere dello Sport: "I heard from Klopp the other day, he told me that going ahead with the game in those conditions was a criminal act, I think he was right. We are all living a life that we are not used to and that will change us profoundly. I'm sure we will all have to downsize, starting with football. Today, the priority is health, limiting the contagion. When you start again, when you finish, the dates... believe me, I don't care. At the moment, that's the last thing on my mind. I hear talk about cutting salaries, suspension of payments. They seem like inopportune solutions. Soon the economy will change, and that's at all levels: The TV rights will be less, players and coaches will earn less, tickets will cost less because people will have less money. I repeat, what matters now is to fight the virus effectively. Then, of course, if it will be possible to continue the season... otherwise, amen."

West Ham United vice-chairman Karren Brady has revealed that eight of the team's players are in self-isolation with mild symptoms of the coronavirus.

Paris Saint-Germain have already sold all 1,500 limited edition 'Tous Unis' (All Together/United) to raise money for local healthcare services. They have raised over 200,000 euros for Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Paris (AP-HP) with the entire run selling out within 12 hours. PSG president Nasser al-Khelaifi said: "We cannot be grateful enough for the tremendous and courageous work that healthcare staff are doing every day to deal with this emergency."

Schalke 04's manager David Wagner has arranged for his players to begin cyber training together. The players will continue to train on their own at home, but they will be part of a video conference call so that they can all see each during training. Wagner said: "It's important that professional athletes are integrated as a team, even if they're not in the same room. Our S&C coaches will also be able to be a part of things and help control what they are doing. Just like everyone, we'd rather be working where we normally do, which in our case is on the training ground. As a result, we are currently looking at ways of training that conform to the regulations."

Juventus's first team players and coaching staff have agreed to take pay cuts for the next four months. A Juve statement read: "Juventus announces that, due to the current global health emergency preventing the performance of sporting activity, it has reached an understanding with the players and the coach of the First Team regarding their compensation for the residual portion of the current sport season. The understanding provides for the reduction of the compensation for an amount equal to the monthly payments of March, April, May and June 2020. In the coming weeks, personal agreements with the players and the coach will be finalised, as required by the current regulations. The economic and financial effects of the understanding reached are positive for about EUR 90 million for the 2019/2020 financial year. Should the current season's matches be rescheduled, the Club will negotiate in good faith with the players and the coach conditional increases of compensations according to the actual resumption and finalisation of official competitions. Juventus would like to thank the players and the coach for their commitment at a difficult time for everyone."

AS Roma have sent out care packs to their elderly season ticket holders. All of their season ticket holders who are aged 75 or older have been sent 'Roma cares' packs, which contain food and medical supplies, such as face masks, protective gloves and hand sanitiser. Roma's chief operating officer Francesco Calvo said: "This is a very worrying time for everyone, particularly the oldest members of our community. The government and the local institutions have advised the elderly to avoid leaving their homes unless it's an emergency, so we wanted to deliver some essential supplies that we believe can help them during this time. It's a small gesture from the club, but we want them to know that despite them not being able to come to the stadium to support the team, we are still close to them during this moment."

Barcelona's former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is providing aid packages to 500 Uruguayan families during the coronavirus crisis. Suarez said: "It is the least I can do for the people who need it most." Suarez is paying for packages that include food and cleaning supplies to people living in the deprived district of Casavalle in northern Montevideo.

Barcelona have donated 30,000 masks to the Catalonia government to be distributed to nursing homes.


Pirates Announce Debts

League One side Bristol Rovers have announced debts of over £24m, following a loss of £3.4m for the year up to June 2019. Club president Wael Al-Qadi has promised to protect the club and staff from the financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the debt, £16.2m, is owned to an offshore company called Dwane Sports, which is owned by the Al-Qadi family. Al-Qadi said: "We are continuing to work to ensure that the club comes out of these tough times in a strong position. I understand that many supporters may be concerned about the increasing level of debt. However, I want to reassure them that this position in the current football climate is not unusual. The debt amounting is internal debt so doesn't affect the day-to-day running of the club, and my commitment to the club and its long-term aims remains as strong as ever. Over the course of the 2019-20 season, a series of actions have been taken to substantially reduce the deficit, although the financial implications of the current pandemic will no doubt have an effect on this. The impacts of this virus will hit all areas of the economy hard and football clubs are no different. However, along with our executive team, I am doing all I can to ensure that everyone within the Bristol Rovers family is as secure as possible."


French TV In Messi Mix Up

A French TV channel has used a picture of a Lionel Messi lookalike in a story about the Barcelona star. Instead of using a picture of one of the most recognisable people in the world, they used a photograph of Reza Parastesh, who is known as the "Iranian Messi" and not because of his skill with the ball.


Bobby Brown Shoes Returns To Comedy

Roberto Martinez had seemed to have given up on comedy, since leaving his spell as Everton manager and being chosen to take charge of Belgium, but he has attempted to revive his comedy career while football is shutdown. Martinez said of Belgian keeper Thibaut Courtois: "It has always been clear that he was aware of what it takes to be No.1 of Madrid. He came at a time of change, quite difficult, but he was always very focused to demonstrate what he is. Since Galatasaray in Champions, from there he has been essential in the results. He is still very young and can undoubtedly break all records in Madrid's goal. His maturity is well above his years. The World Cup was a reflection of that: he was the best. Being the best at the World Cup, joining Madrid and his qualities and size allow him to do things that others cannot. He is a player who understands, and very well, that when you don't win a match in a team as demanding as Madrid, you have to be very mature and improve to do well in the next one. It is very troublesome when you are not ready for that pressure, but Courtois is and does not let that affect his confidence and his level. He has constantly adapted and improved. We all know that he will mark an era in Madrid."

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