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Football News: EtH Has Done A Good Job At Manchester United

EtH Has Done A Good Job At Manchester United

For those people who think EtH is the problem at Manchester United, could you please explain how he has been the problem for the past decade of failure?

He has joined a club that is broken and dysfunctional at every single level. From absent owners who do not care how the club is run, as long as they get their money. To the board who have dropped just about every ball that's been passed to them.

They have dithered, argued, made shocking decisions, and bucked all responsibility.

Managers do not negotiate contracts or transfer fees. Every time we have over paid it has never been a manager's fault.

They have even unilaterally agreed contract extensions regardless of what the manager wants because they don't want to lose the asset value of the player off the spreadsheet.

They dilly-dallied over the Greenwood decision for over a year, then flip-flopped on their decision at the first sign of protest.

They keep throwing managers under the bus and undermining them. Giving the players a sense of grandeur. Elevating them and inflating their egos, making it a difficult job for anyone to instil any discipline.

Forget "Glazers out", forget "sack the manager", we should be screaming for the heads of the board. They are the ones who have run this club into the ground. Clearly, the power vacuum created when both Sir Alex and David Gill left has enabled a bunch of utterly useless, power hungry morons to take control of one of the biggest clubs in the world and steer us to the brink of ruin.

People blame the Glazers for a lack of vision or plan. But their plan is simple, let the club run itself and collect their dividends.

While to be utterly honest, I wouldn't want the Glazers to be coming up with any sort of footballing or sporting vision for the club. I doubt they even know the rules of the game. The very idea that they would come up with that is idiotic.

That should be down to the Board to create a vision, to have a plan, and to implement it - They haven't. All we've had is snippets and ego driven boasting from Ed Woodward. From what I've seen, EtH has done a good job.

Taken a team with our worst finish in EPL history and got them to third, two cup finals and winning our first silverware in 6 years. Doing so with many additional hurdles in his way (Greenwood situation, the Ronaldo situation, the WC, lack of support in January).

A very impressive first season. The signings have generally been good, certainly better than most we have made over the past decade. Maybe he doesn't trust the scouts/ recruitment team as much as he should. But then would I trust them, given what they have served up over the past decade? Some might complain that we over paid for some, but then again negotiating the deals isn't the manager's job.

He has installed discipline, and the vast majority of players have accepted it. Those that haven't need to not let the door hit them on the way out. There is no place at an elite side for players that lack discipline.

I also feel he is a breath of fresh air when speaking. Obviously, it's not the most important thing, and it's very subjective. I like his clear, open honesty. He is happy to explain his thinking and his tactics, he isn't a manipulator or politician. He isn't playing games or using the platform to take potshots at people due to personal agendas. I like that, I want someone who is honest and open with the fans and who is focused on the football and not trying to play games.

Do I think the manager has got everything right? Of course not. No one does. But in my opinion he has got the big decisions right. Maybe he should tweak the tactics differently. But then that's both easy to say in hindsight and doesn't take into account just how restricted his options have been this season.

Written by Shappy October 06 2023 22:16:11


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