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Football News: Manchester United Will Find Success In The Performances

Manchester United Will Find Success In The Performances

Style of play, identity and philosophy, words not necessarily associated with Manchester United for over a decade. Moments FC or Vibes United maybe more synonymous with a team seemingly more comfortable on the counter attack in recent seasons.

When Ole was in charge, he was disrespectfully labelled a PE teacher, out of his depth, incompatible with modern football. His team was accused of having no identity, no style, no patterns of play. Games often decided by individual moments rather than any tactical nous or application. Watching United had become a chore, unambitious, unimaginative, unattractive, boring, dull! Supporters disillusioned and frustrated, the team fractured, playing as individuals, as the moments became scarce and the defence buckled change was inevitable.

EtH arrived to much fanfare, a modern manager, disciple of Pep, schooled by Dutch legends Michels and Cruyff. He was the supporters coach of choice. For too long United had prioritised results over football. It would appear the Club had adopted a by any means necessary approach, with the intention not to bring success but do just enough to secure a top 4 finish, or that's certainly how it felt.

The pressure and expectation of being Manchester United manager can cloud the brain and EtH fell into the same trap. No evolution in style, no identity, however a relatively successful first campaign built on an organised defence and moments from either Bruno or Rashford to win the game.

18 months into his tenure and EtH is serving up no better football than Moyes, LVG, Jose or Ole before him. There is still no identity, no patterns of play, no goals without moments from individual players. Some argue he hasn't got the players to implement his philosophy, however he has signed, Onana, Martinez, Eriksen, Casemiro, Mount, Amrabat, Antony, Hojlund.

Whilst it might be far fetched to expect EtH to challenge for a title with his current squad of players, should they be playing better football?! Perhaps EtH's biggest problem at the start of this season isn't the results but the manner of his football. Supporters need to see progress, the promise of better times ahead. Whilst nobody has the appetite for another managerial change, it's important to evaluate and reassess the process. Look after the performances and the results will take care of themselves.

Jose was appointed to win trophies. The negative, unattractive football came with the territory. EtH was appointed to bring a philosophy and identity to the team. To bring the swagger and a return to attacking, modern, attractive football. To make supporters dare to believe.

Most United fans understand the enormity of attempting to topple Pep, a huge obstacle, especially given the uncertainty surrounding the takeover and incompetent CEO, DoF and disinterested owners. From a sporting perspective, United are no longer the Goliath they once were.

Whilst the top honours maybe beyond this current crop of players, purposeful, attractive, attacking football should at least be something on the menu. The road to long term success will be found in the performances, not the results.

Written by DLIB October 23 2023 22:11:17


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