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Football News: Respect Your Team's Football Players

Respect Your Team's Football Players

Seen the comments by our very own Darwin Nunez about how he and his family are being harassed on social media by his own fans, to the point where he has deleted anything Liverpool FC related from this season.

I have called out people on this site for their negative comments about Nunez and other players and have been met with responses such as, "Do you really think he cares what I say" or "I'm entitled to my opinion".

My question is this; are people really that stupid that they think criticising and harassing a player from their own team is going to help? There's no doubt that his recent nervousness in front of goal is largely down to these uneducated people who think it's clever to harass someone because they don't do exactly what they want. Like they are all perfect and never make a mistake?

I've said for years, our job is to support, we should not be criticising, moaning and whinging about our own players. Aside from the fact that these are human beings with feelings and families, it's totally counter productive. How can we possibly expect Darwin to give his all for the shirt when he knows that if he misses a chance, he's going to be harassed and criticised by those who are supposed to have his back?

I just hope that people will see what's happened here and understand it's not Darwin who is missing chances because he can't finish, it's the knuckle draggers who have put him in a vulnerable mental state with their completely unfair and reprehensible comments to him and his family.

If we support our players, we give them the best chance to succeed. If we ramp up the pressure on them, their job becomes infinitely harder. I just hope we all realise and remember that and treat these guys with the respect they deserve.

Written by Beckers pecker May 08 2024 09:13:25


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