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Football News: Manchester United Summer Signings

Manchester United Summer Signings

This summer you can argue that Manchester United need as many as 8 signings.

With Martinez our only CB who is good enough it's clear we need at least two CB signings. With Mainoo being the only midfielder who is both good enough and capable of playing in the deeper midfield positions we need at least two deeper midfielders.

Finally with Hojlund as the only striker at the club we need another striker to cover for him and allow rotation. Beyond those five signings that I feel are the priorities.

We have had issues at LB with Shaw's continued injury issues and with Malacia's injuries as well. Can we rely on either to be fit next season? Also I'd say the lack of a reliable LB to work with was probably a factor in Rashford's poor form. So we could do with another LB. AWB is likely to leave, which would leave Dalot as the only RB, in that situation we would need another RB.

Finally no one has totally tied down the RW position. While both Greenwood and Sancho will likely leave this summer. Leaving just Garnacho and Amad as natural RW options (even then Garnacho prefers playing on the left, even if I think his best performances have come on the right) . So an argument could easily be made for a genuine first choice option, especially when we consider that we don't have any creative wide players, which is contributing to Højlund being starved of service.

The reality though seems to be that we have a constrained budget due to PSR this summer, and 4-5 signings are more likely what we can realistically expect.

That means there will be at least 3 of those positions not filled this summer. The key to us having a successful summer is making sure we get the right positions filled.

Like I said the CB, CM and ST positions should be the priority, get the spine sorted. While the fullback positions and RW will likely have to be make do for next season. Maybe the best solution is to sign flexible players who can cover several positions if needed.

Branthwaite for example can play either right or left CB and could even do a job at LB in a pinch. It's certainly in vogue to have a natural CB play in a fullback position, City do it with Gvardiol, Arsenal with White, Newcastle with Burn and even Liverpool last season with Gomez (more out of necessity mind) .

While a player like Todibo could also cover RB if needed. While we've been linked with players like Onana in midfield, and alternative options I've suggested is Morten Frendrup, a player who is very combative and a real ball winner. Incidentally he can also play at RB.

Could we maybe find a back up striker to Højlund who is a different profile to the Dane, giving the manager more tactical options rather than just a poorer version of a first choice player? If we went for a different profile of player, someone who is comfortable playing as a false 9 out in the wide positions then that player could not only cover for Højlund but also be an option wide left or right maybe.

Could someone like Jonathan David be a good option? A different kind of striker to Højlund who is more comfortable to come deep and link play, but can also play left or right wing. He's also got 20+ goals/ assists in the league in each of the past 4 seasons, showing consistency.

Maybe these are the ideal "perfect" signings, but given our financial position, our need for a more dynamic squad, and the fact that the absolute best players will likely have clubs with UCL chasing them this summer (meaning we aren't likely to be first choice) . Considering all of these factors maybe we need to look at those really good players who also offer some flexibility, ideally with potential for improvement and growth.

Maybe Onana is the ideal signing as a combative midfielder, but can we justify spending 60m+ on him when we could sign Frendrup for closer to 30m AND he provides a back up option at RB.

Or maybe Zirkzee is the preferred ST, but for a similar price we could get David and get a more proven player who can also cover the side positions.

Either way we will highly likely start next season with at least 3 of those 8 positions not strengthened. This summer is about being tactical with our signings. We need to be clever.

Written by Shappy June 14 2024 16:37:01


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