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Football News: My Thoughts On Liverpool's Upcoming Season

My Thoughts On Liverpool's Upcoming Season

Just my thoughts on Liverpool's upcoming season, with Arne Slot coming in and the current set of players. Please don't just get triggered by what you don't like. 🤣

Firstly, formation and tactics:
Now, no one knows exactly what formation Slot will play, so for this post I'm going to go with what Slot has used previously - 4-2-3-1. I have not seen Feyenoord play, which means I don't know the style, but my guess from all the football scouts, coaches, managers and tea ladies on here. That it's something between Guardiola and Klopp, with his own little twist. Possession based, high energy and total football. We shall see though.

Next players:
I know some of you will have a fit with some of the things I'm about to say, but this is with the players we currently have and I have no interest in starting a debate around a certain player. I'm just going off what I think (with educated guessing) what will possibly happen.

GK - Alisson

The only issue here for me is Kelleher and if he wants to leave or wait another year. If so, need a new deputy. Whether that is from within or someone is brought in is another matter.

RB - Bradley
RCB - Konate
LCB - Van Djik
LB - Robertson

Firstly, Konate is currently the 2nd best defender when in fit in the squad. Yeah he can be a bit clumsy, I think that is just him lacking a bit of maturity. He does get injured and has fitness issues, but he's a big lump and big lumps tend to have those issues, haha. I do think this will improve though. Quansah has the potential to be better, he still needs time imo though. RB, well Bradley is who I will play and with Robertson on the left.

You have 2 very similar players full of craft and creativity. Alexander-Arnold, I would move to DM but both he and Gomez can play here if needed. Van Djik, give him a new contract and let Quansah learn. Keep Gomez and make the decision as the CB next year, unless the right player becomes available. As for LB, I would sell Tsmikas and use either Beck or Chambers and see how they go for this season. You could even see both kept with the squad as Chambers can play CB too. You can also have Gomez cover in an emergency.

DM - Endo
DM - Alexander-Arnold

Currently in the holding role we don't have any better player than Endo, he can just be in there and break up play like no other midfielder we have. Bajcetic is finding his way back and is an able deputy, whilst a few others can play here. This is the position I would be prioritising this summer. Who knows who that will be, I just know from some of the players we have be linked with I'm not impressed, haha.

As for Alexander-Arnold, we know how good a player he is. We all know what people's thoughts on him playing in midfield are, so let's not start the debate on that one again. Just for me personally in the right system, with the right players around him, a little time and patience, you would see why he should play there.

RW - Salah
AM - Mac Allister
LW - Gakpo

RW could easily be Szoboszlai. Elliot could play there also, but I think we would see him more in the AM role. With Jones being able to cover both the AM and LW roles, as well as potentially playing in a DM role. I would sell Diaz if Barcelona come in and offer Salah a new contract. I don't believe we need to sign anyone to replace Diaz either, as we have plenty that can cover that position currently in the squad. The RW is more a pressing need and I do like the look of Bakayoko. As I feel Salah could be used more up front this season.

CF - Nunez

If we play Salah on the right, Nunez will lead the line. Yes he frustrates, but again like Alexander-Arnold he needs a system that plays to his strengths and I feel that 4-3-2-1 is more suited to his style of play. Both Salah and Jota will score plenty in this position as well. Then you have maybe someone like Danns to cover. Nunez and Jota can always play on the left as well, although I would never play Jota there or start him for that matter. 🤣

Yes, there are some questions about certain positions and players, but I think we are only really 2 top quality additions away from having a really good squad, especially with some of the youngsters coming into the team and back from loan. No major changes, just a few tweaks, then let's see what happens.

Written by Thefields June 28 2024 09:20:17


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