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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Monaco Talking Points

Formula 1: Monaco Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 6 In Monaco


1. Ferrari Mess Up Qualifying

Only Ferrari seem to be capable of continually making such appalling decisions without learning from them. Again and again and again they get things wrong when it matters. Maybe one day they will learn but it does seem unlikely.


2. Leclerc Overtake At Rascasse

The only real excitement, potentially, in the race was ended the moment Leclerc got carried away and crashed trying to overtake again at Rascasse corner. It had worked once and he let it go to his head and it cost him badly. The first major sign of his inexperience.


3. Safety Car Pit Stops

Verstappen at the pit stop being released right into Bottas was madness. They would have been better taking the hit of dropping behind where they could have at least brought him in for soft tyres late on and gone for the fastest lap and extra point as his team-mate did.


4. Rascasse Amongst Backmarkers Causing Grief

The problem with Monaco is it is so frustrating to be stuck behind with no chance of overtaking it leads to these kind of silly mistakes as people take chances they would normally not take. It never really affected the points or the race, but they really need to find a way to give cars a chance of overtaking on this track.


5. Stroll Hitting Kimi

Not sure it was fully Stroll's fault as he probably was unable to see Kimi but it could have cost both badly.


6. Bottas Too Diffident In Backmarkers

Once again Bottas shows a lack of confidence when making overtakes, this time against backmarkers, and it cost him a chance to challenge. He really needs to be more decisive if he is going to stand any chance of beating Hamilton to the title.


7. Gasly

At least he had a go at getting the fastest lap, but he was catching at around 3 seconds a lap, could he have had a chance of getting at Bottas if they had thrown the softs on a lap or two earlier? Or perhaps they did not want to risk him finishing ahead of Verstappen and taking points off his team-mate?

Written by Tris Burke May 26 2019 16:24:59