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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Monza Talking Points

Formula 1: Monza Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Monza


1. Ferrari are they getting worse?

It just feels like the scarlet cars are getting further behind the rest by the race. If this carries on they will be racing with the Williams to avoid being last place each race! It is understandable if Vettel's car development is dropping off, with the team struggling and him leaving, but Leclerc is having the same issues. At some point they have to stop looking for people to blame and firing them and get some stability.


2. Have Red Bull made a serious error?

It was Red Bull who lobbied to get rid of the party modes in qualifying and restrict cars from having all those different power modes. While I fully agree with it, I never liked the fact that cars would tootle round not even trying to race because they were in preservation mode or whatever, it does seem like Red Bull are the ones most suffering from its removal. Obviously Monza is a unique track and the ability to get or not get a tow from the car in front can make or break a qualifying lap, but it does look like their lack of a higher power setting is the most noticeable. Will they now find themselves in a proper battle with the McLarens?


3. Is this the resurgence of Williams?

Williams are one of the great names of Formula 1 but they have been suffering badly through a lack of funds in recent years, will the new owners change that and make them competitive once more? Also, will the name change? They could bring back the Minardi name if the team is going to sit at the back of the grid!


4. McLaren coming good again?

Straight from the start it was obvious that they were right on the pace with Sainz up to second and Norris getting a flier and then making that overtake on Bottas. They look to be the second fastest cars now and were unlucky not to pick up the win after Hamilton got penalised. Is it a long term return to the top or are they just benefitting because Ferrari and Red Bull are off the pace?


5. Albon.

Is he really that bad in comparison to Verstappen or being hindered by lesser equipment? He seems racey enough when he gets the chance, but he is always so far off the Dutchman's pace it is worrying. Particularly worrying is how far down the field he finished the race. There seemed absolutely no pace in his car, I can only assume he was having problems and was nursing his car round.


6. Vettel's brake failure

You have to wonder why he was able to get so far with flames clearly visible from the brakes and bits flying off in these days of radios and safety measures. Odd how early it happened as well, it was only what lap 6 or 7 when his brakes failed. That is a major worry. Another symptom of Ferrari's mediocrity.


7. The pit lane chaos

Having seen the footage, I have to wonder how on earth any driver is meant to see the closed pit lane sign. Why is there not a red light at the entrance? There was a huge flashing advert reading "Box! Box!" right near there that could easily have displayed a closed sign. It just seems harsh that the two drivers who were too close to be warned over the radio ended up penalised for going in and not seeing a sign off to the side that they would not be looking at if they were entering the pits. The penalty to Hamilton did make the end of the race exciting, but it just feels a bit harsh on him and Giovinazzi. Though it did at least explain why the McLarens never pitted when I was wondering what they were doing. Also how did so many unsafe releases, when the pit lane did open, not get checked out? I saw Verstappen and Perez nearly hit other cars as they left their pit boxes, but nothing was done.


8. Why the red flag?

It seemed a bit unnecessary to red flag the race after the Leclerc crash, they seemed to clear it up pretty quickly, would a safety car not have done the job?


9. What odds on Gasly?

It was not that long ago he was in the Albon position, now he is suddenly once again looking a top class driver. It seems like it is time Red Bull took a close look at how they treat their number 2 driver. Not every number 2 can have the kind of backing Verstappen had when he joined the team.

Written by Tris Burke September 06 2020 19:19:38