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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Tuscany Talking Points

Formula 1: Tuscany Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Tuscany


1. New Tracks Generate Excitement

I am really enjoying them going to new tracks this season. It seems so much more exciting and the grids seem a bit more mixed up. I know there has been a lot of arguments about it being a meritocracy and so there should not be reverse grid races, but it is a lot better when the best cars are not always starting right at the front and driving away with it. Ferrari were much higher up than their raw pace would have put them because they had the advantage of track knowledge here, that meant they were involved in racing all through as the drivers of faster cars figured out the track during the race and closed the knowledge gap.


2. Tyres

One of the things about a new track that makes it more exciting is that no one knows how well the tyres will last and so getting the strategy calls right can make or break a race. The problem is that too many times we see cars not pushing and trying to preserve tyres, when we really want to see them being pushed to the limit as long as possible. I am not sure what the answer is, it was exciting to see Bottas's tyres fall off the cliff and those behind close up on him, but it does not happen often enough. Maybe the best way would be to have 3 much softer compounds, but make the teams have to use all 3 types during a race? At least a pit stop throws another random element into the mix and teams can make an error.


3. Ferrari Paint Job

I know it was a special one-off paint job for their 1000 GP, but I hope Ferrari return to using that colour in future. It is the colour I associate with them and the car looks so much better in that blood red. Also, the Mercedes safety car looked better in red too!


4. Albon

He may well have still been half a second off Verstappen in qualifying, but at least he was up there alongside him on the grid at last and managed to claim the podium spot when Verstappen failed to finish. That is what he needs to do more of. He was also involved in some good racing. You do wonder if his improvement was mainly down to the team knowing Verstappen's car had a problem and so committing a little more to him in expectation of the Dutchman struggling to finish.


5. Verstappen's Problems

Red Bull have had a long-running problem with Verstappen's car losing power, which is getting worse and they are struggling to find a fix. This time around the car nearly stalled in the pit exit as they were going out to form up on the grid and then he was complaining it was feeling rough all the way round. They thought they had fixed it but clearly not as it lost power again after Verstappen got a good start and ended up resulting in a major accident as it caught out those coming up from behind at speed. Could this end up costing him a chance at second in the driver's championship?


6. Never Even Completed The First Lap!

Verstappen was not the only issue on those first few corners and the pile up was exciting, is it worrying that crashes actually seem to improve the races? Shame for Gasly after winning last time out to not even make it round the first lap, but it was really entertaining to watch the spin by Sainz and everyone trying to avoid it as Verstappen was being collected from behind. A safety car also means you know that there is a chance of some overtakes on the restart. Is it false as some claim? Maybe, if they are just putting it out to close up a pack that has got too spread out, but it is better than watching the Mercs drive away from the pack effortlessly and no one overtaking behind them.


7. Ocon's Brake Fire

It is worth noting that Russell did radio in to warn Renault that Ocon's brakes were on fire when they were following the safety car. Maybe if they had bothered to listen and brought him in to look at it then they might not have had to pull him out before the later restart due to his brakes being ruined!


8. Restart Accident

There is an argument going on over who is to blame for crash, with those at the front blaming the decision to switch off the lights on the safety car so late. While I understand what they were saying, there was nothing to stop Bottas going as soon as the safety car got out the way, I have to agree with Grosjean's repeated "he's a f***ing idiot" calls personally. That was dangerous of him to weave the way he was, no matter what the safety car does. For me he is lucky not to be getting more stick over it and a serious penalty. But then he is not Hamilton, so it is obviously not his fault...


9. Bottas Blows It

Only himself to blame as he blew his chance to win once more by allowing Hamilton to drive round him on the restart. Yes it was a great overtake, but Bottas is always so weak and insipid, you just know he will fold if pushed, so Hamilton felt safe taking the risk. It must be said Albon did not do himself any favours on the restart either and once again slipped down the order.


10. Tyres Causing Problems Again

The Mercs were being told to stay off the kerbs to avoid damaging their tyres but it seems someone should have been telling Stroll that, as he was the one who had a tyre blow and threw him into the wall. Leclerc had also struggled and needed an early pit stop. It certainly made things more interesting until the red flag.


11. Backmarkers Given An Advantage?

Ahead of the restart, the lapped cars of Grosjean and Raikkonen were sent to do a lap to unlap themselves from the rest before lining up on the grid, and it seemed like their tyres were warmer, which gave them an edge off the line. I have never seen that before and it was odd to see.


12. Kimi Being Kimi

You have to love him, even when he is screaming into the radio "For What?!?" he is a character! Only he could make two words so entertaining. Though it is hard to believe he could not have realised what he had done.


13. Sad Day For Ferrari

After it started with such optimism it turned into a sad day for Ferrari, as they ended up battling with Williams for the final point. Such a shame to see those two struggling.

Written by Tris Burke September 14 2020 12:10:45