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Football News: Arsenal Need a Revolutionary Head Coach

Pathetic from Arsenal yesterday against Tottenham Hotspur. I thought we would hurt them with the pace of Aubameyang but they really suffocated us by pressing us all the time. Pocchetinno has made Spurs a hard team to beat - Full credit to him.

Where that leaves us is that we can only qualify through the Europa League which is tougher this year than last year. This year there are strong teams like Napoli, Atletico and Dortmund.

Personally i think Napoli are the favorites if they don't prioritise Serie A over Europa. I watched their game against Lazio last night and they just tore them apart. It was wave after wave of Napoli attacks. All the others teams are beatable. I think Arsenal can win Europa but who knows what you're going to get with us. Who expected us to lose to Swansea?

If we don't qualify for the Champions League, Wenger has to go for me. Any coach would be an upgrade on him. Personally my pick would be Tuchel (who Gundogan and Gotze said is better than even Guardiola).

We need a revolutionary coach because we have been left far behind other teams. Teams can change their history when they employ revolutionary coaches. It happened with Manchester United when they got Fergie, Milan when they got Arrigo Sacchi, barcelona with Cryuff. The only way we are going to win the Champions League is if we get the best coach in the world, period.

That said, i would be happier with Allegri or Sarri. Allegri for me would stop us leaking many goals and Spalletti described him as the best coach in reacting to situations. Wouldn't mind if we got any of them. All would be an upgrade on Arsene Wenger.

Article written by punani gooner

Written by punani gooner February 11 2018 23:02:47