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Football News: Changes Manchester United should implement

We as Manchester United supporters just need to remain patient and calm right now, yes we lost to Newcastle United who are battling relegation and who hadn't won at home since last October, but we did have more than enough chances to win the game.

Every single team fighting to stay up will, from now till the end of the season, 'upset' the big teams, not just United. It's definitely not an anomaly result at this time of the season.

We need to keep faith with Jose Mourinho and his team. It's our job as supporters to support the team during rough patches, not slag off the team when results don't go our way. We are still second, albeit 16 points behind a fantastic team, but still ahead of the chasing pack who we are yet to play at Old Trafford bar Tottenham Hotspur.

There's obvious quality in the team, a team which still needs work doing to it. We can see where the glaring issues are (width, CB, CM) and we aren't too far off from potentially winning the Premier League.

However, what is very disappointing and frustrating to see, is the lack of tempo and intensity we're showing in games, slow and ponderous at times. Always letting the opposition take control and dominate, whether it's at Old Trafford or away from home.

If this doesn't change then we simply won't progress even if we do sign top players to 'complete' the team. It feels as if we're in the situation that Manchester City were in last season, in which they parted with of 6 or 7 players not good enough in the Summer and replaced them with quality signings.

That's exactly what we need to do, remove the 'deadwood' in the squad i.e. Blind, Smalling, Darmian, Young, Fellaini Carrick (retiring) and Ibra, then bring in 3 to 5 players and most importantly promote some youth players.

We have a fantastic bunch of youth at United, in Fosu, Tuanzebe, Pereira, Gomes and Chong. it'll hopefully give the whole club a lift and might just wake up the first team players who think they can get away with playing averagely week in, week out.

So, in summary Manchester United should:

1. Increase the tempo

2. Promote youth

3. Bring in 3, 4 or 5 new signings

Article written by scholes_18_18

Written by Tris Burke February 11 2018 23:23:23