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Football News: Jose Mourinho is not getting the best out of the Manchester United team

I've refrained from posting or reading the Manchester United Rumours site since the loss against Newcastle as I know I would have written something in the heat of the moment which would have been ridiculous or I would have been even more annoyed by reading the posts.

Now I've had a few days to digest that shambolic performance I am able to look at things a little bit more objectively. I think we can all agree we have improved and the position we were in under Moyes and Louis van Gaal. Anyone that disagrees needs to just go and have a look how we played under them as it was terrible.

However, with the attacking talent we have at our disposal now, Jose Mourinho is simply not getting the best out of the Manchester United team. Tactically, he has been out done several times this season where we have been overrun time and time again in midfield.

It is so obvious we are not winning the midfield battle with Paul Pogba completely negating his defensive responsibilities and Matic having to do twice the amount of work. Clearly he does not fancy Herrera who I think will leave in the Summer, but just stick an extra man in there so we can unleash Pogba further forward. This stubbornness and persistence with 4-2-3-1 is costing us and we are dangerously close to dropping out the top four of the Premier League.

Now the defence; shambolic, amateurish and no composure is best to describe them on Sunday, but are we surprised? We have converted wingers playing as full backs and two defenders who can't play out from the back and who have half a football brain between them.

How can we expect to win the Premier League with that defence? Bailly and Lindelof can be top class so I believe it is time to blood Lindelof in. We need a new right back because although Valencia has been a great servant, he lacks attacking creativity which all the top teams have in their fullbacks.

In an era where most wingers are inverted, you need overlapping full backs who can put a delivery in. We play without either and no wonder when our wingers have an off day we can't break teams down. We play too narrow and slow. Shaw needs to be made first choice and stop rotating with young as he is our left back for years to come if he can stay fit.

Onto midfield; I touched on it earlier and everyone has previously stated that two in the middle is not working. However, with the amount of money we have spent on Pogba, he should be doing his defensive duties. If the manager has asked him to do it then he must do it.


He has been woeful the last few games and I'm not sure whether it is because Sanchez has put his nose out of place or what. But he needs to buck up his ideas because I am sick and tired of talking about potential. He needs to take games by the scruff of its neck. But that means we need a three man midfield. That base will help us to unleash the attacking front three.

Now the front three; Sanchez on the left is not working. It has disrupted our balance and he is often cutting into areas where Lukaku and Lingard operate. Try him on the right and restore Martial to the left. There is better balance and we can build the understanding between the front players. Lingard should not be starting, he has been fantastic and in the form of his life, but for me that was a blip. He's a good player but he was in a purple vein of form.

He is now playing at his level and he has been very average. I maybe in the minority but I think Lukaku has developed his hold up and link up play massively since joining us. He has played some amazing through balls the last few weeks which haven't been finished. Yet people criticise because he is not scoring goals. He needs service! He's not getting anything and yet he is scapegoated. It's infuriating but he needs to be in the box and we need to find a way of supplying him.

Just to touch on something about this Manchester United side, when they lose they lose badly. Losses are few and far between but this team often gets out fought, out run and out desires by the opposition. I can accept losing to a team that has played better than us, but it is terrible to be out run and out desired.

I want to see fight for the badge on the chest and it makes me sick to see players walking around. I am not sure if this is just the modern footballer but there is no excuse for the opposition playing with more heart than us. Sanchez has shown immense desire and work rate and it puts others in the team to shame.

Jose has a big task in getting us into the top four in my opinion. We have to bounce back and win all our remaining games as our rivals have hit form at the right time. I don't buy into the view this is a poor squad. We have some serious talent and lots of potential and with the players at his disposal Jose should be doing much better. He needs to take the shackles off and let them just play.

It is unacceptable for United not to attack and to try and win the game. I just want to see desire and attacking football. I want to be entertained. And if I'm being truthful to myself, I haven't been for a long time.

Article written by Park3lung

Written by Tris Burke February 13 2018 15:59:13