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Football News: Sam Allardyce should be manager of Everton FC next season

Farhad Moshiri is a businessman, now strictly from a business point of view would you sack a manager who gets you to seventh and into Europe? Looked at it strictly from a business point of view and not how we play that is.

If we are winning enough games to get us into 7th place then fans will show up to watch, they may be different fans than the ones watching now, but they will still show up.

Again from a strictly business point of view, there is a reason why sponsors pay more to clubs that are getting into the higher end of the Premier League than they do to clubs in the bottom half.

So regardless of whether he was Moshri's first, third or even 100th choice, Moshri will be looking at it and thinking from a business prospective, Sam Allardyce (SA) should stay next season, why pay someone a severance package when he will only be doing the same job as a new manager would and that is to clear out the rot.

When the timing is right Moshri will spend money to bring in the right manager. The time will be right when we have the players here who can win games whilst the new guy is making changes and putting his own styles into play. Again it just makes business sense.

Everton are first and foremost a business, they know that if the present fan base gets the huff then others will replace them, they know that the day will not come when all of the fan base stop attending games. Probably less than one percent may stop attending games, but when the new stadium is built the fan base will increase anyway.

People will always come up with different formations and different opinions about who should and should not play and I genuinely have no problem with that, you may have noticed I very rarely get involved in those discussions. We could have Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone managing the club and I would give them the same support I give SA. I would never let my personal morals get in the way of how I support this club, many people on here do.

They cite the fact that he was caught taking a bung. He was caught when he helped his son get into becoming an agent, it wasn't a bung it was giving his sons clients preferential treatment and authorising a higher agent payout. The second was someone he considered a friend set him up with the papers. That cost him his dream job yet some people take the moral high ground and still condemn him.

In my opinion that is wrong, driving whilst using your mobile phone can have far more reaching consequences than the things he has done, be interesting to know how many of these moral high grounders are guilty of that.

Article written by Grumpytoffee

Written by Grumpytoffee February 13 2018 16:16:11