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Football News: Review Of The Day 12th September 2018

Review Of The Day 12th September 2018
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Review of the Day


McInnes Criticises SFA Incompetency

Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes has hit out at the SFA over the incompetency of their appeals process, just one of many people to have criticised the SFA for incompetency. Aberdeen had an appeal against a red card shown to Michael Devlin dismissed last week. They were not allowed to represent their player or even attend the hearing at all. McInnes spoke to RedTV saying: "It really angers me, and saddens me, that we can't come to what I feel was the only verdict. We have been victims in the last couple of games of referee mistakes, and we accept that. But when there's an appeals process there, you would expect that to get to the right outcome. In the last four or five appeal processes with different clubs, there just doesn't seem to be that common sense conclusion. That goes right across the board - managers, supporters, journalists, people in the game, everyone is of the same opinion that we are baffled by some of these decisions. I just felt it was an opportunity missed to make the right decision. But that's been pretty standard the last wee while. And it just means people lose confidence in the whole process, and it will make you think twice about appealing again in the future." It does seem odd to have an appeal without any kind of representation from the appealing party to put forward their case. Especially when you consider that it is in the SFA's interest to have the card stand so they can produce their nonsense figures about how many right decisions their officials made, which we all know are bull's excrement.


Leeds Summer Signing Ruled Out For 4 Months

Leeds United's big money summer recruit from Middlesbrough, Patrick Bamford, has suffered a knee injury in the an under-23s game for the club and will now be out until after the New Year. The 25 year old cost nearly £10m in August, but has struggled to force his way into the side with Kemar Roofe starting the season in impressive form as the Yorkshire side have cruised to the top of the Championship table after six games.


West Ham Stand Ground In Spat With Landlord

West Ham United's vice-chairman Karren Brady has hit back at London Stadium owners LLDC. Brady wrote a letter in response which read: "In our view, the actual elephant in the room is the E20's [LLDC's] failure to manage the operating costs competently. I would like to make clear to you that at no time did West Ham state that LLDC officials had lied. We said the statement Ms Garner had made was misleading the public because it did not present all the facts. We stand by that statement. We are staggered that the operating costs at the London Stadium exceed revenue." Talk about disingenous! Every man and his/her dog knew that the deal agreed for West Ham to take the stadium was a joke and incredibly lopsided in favour of the Hammers. Not one person believed for a second that the rent would cover the operating costs and we all know they got the deal of the century, which is why they were so desperate to take it. Perhaps she should stop arguing and try to work with LLDC to make the most of it and improve the conditions at the stadium for the most important people, the fans, who are being completely forgotten in all the bickering.


Yet Another Footballer Admits Tax Fraud In Spain

The latest in a long line of people connected with football have been convicted in Spain over tax fraud. From Jose Mourinho to to Javier Mascherano to Lionel Messi, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo, they have all had to pay huge fines and been handed jail sentences. The latest one to get caught is Marcelo, the Real Madrid left back (or 'left never gets back' might be a better term for him) has admitted to tax fraud and been handed a 750,000 euro fine as well as a 4 month jail sentence, though non-violent offenders in Spain sentenced to less than 2 years can serve their time on probation instead, so he is unlikely to spend any time in the cells.


UEFA To Re-Introduce Third European Comp

19 years on from scrapping the European Cup Winners Cup in 1999, UEFA are bringing back a third European competition. While the overall number of participants in Europe will be increased to 96, from the current 80 clubs, there will be a reduction in size for the Europa League, from 48 teams down to 32, at the same time as the new competition is introduced. However the deputy general secretary of the European Leagues, Alberto Colombo, has stated their opposition to the arrangement saying: "We are not happy about the process at all, because this is something that has been prepared and cooked up by Uefa and the ECA without proper engagement."


Spanish Football Federation Asked For Permission For USA La Liga Game

La Liga, Barcelona and Girona have requested permission from the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to play Girona's 'home' match against Barca in the USA. It is now that we find out what kind of man Luis Rubiales is. As president of the RFEF, Rubiales has already voiced his objections and opposition to the plan, but will he stand by his word? If so then they just need the US Soccer Federation, UEFA and CONCACAF's permission for the game to go ahead as planned, though it will not solve the problem of persuading the players' union to acquiesce to the match abroad.


Liberia's President Plays For Nation In International Friendly

When your president is also your greatest ever player, he can be excused for doing exactly what George Weah did, when he played in an international friendly game against Nigeria. The 51 year old played 79 minutes in a game arranged to commemorate his playing career and to 'retire' their number 14 shirt, which he wore during his peak years.


PSG To Launch Cryptocurrency

Paris Saint-Germain have announced that they will be launching their one cryptocurrency in partnership with Socios, in essence, sell tokens that fans can then use to vote in online surveys. The idea was derived from the way Barcelona and Real Madrid operate their membership, which comes with voting rights for the fans to be directly involved in the clubs' decision-making process. However it will not have the same power with PSG, instead it will be votes on things such as the design of a new shirt. Something a large number of clubs already give their fans a chance to vote on for free. PSG's head of sponsorship Marc Armstrong also said that the club intends to "release rewards, exclusive content and all kinds of experiences" to those who bought the tokens. So it is basically crowdfunding a football club that is already owned by obscenely wealthy people.


Moshiri Increases Everton Stake

Already, in effect, Everton's majority shareholder with 49.9% of the club, due to the vagaries of time which has seen a number of shares lost, now Farhad Moshiri has increased his control by buying up more shares to take his stake to 68.6%. An Everton statement read: "Farhad Moshiri previously owned 49.9% of the Club and in line with the agreement made at the time of his original investment, he has purchased 18.7% through Blue Heaven Holdings Ltd, giving him a total holding of 68.6%, which is expected to increase to 77.2% no later than July 2019." Gaining over 75% will give Moshiri, in effect, total control over the club and decision-making.


1860 Munich Release Oktoberfest Kit

German club 1860 Munich, now in the German third tier, have released their now traditional Oktoberfest-themed kit. The club have been producing one in the run up to the Bavarian festival for a number of years. This year's kit is a blue and white check shirt with brown shorts made to look like traditional brown leather lederhosen. Ed004 has found his new party dress!

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