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Football News: Manchester United's problems stem from the owners not Jose Mourinho

Manchester United's problems stem from the owners not Jose Mourinho
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Jose Mourinho is taking the lions share of the blame for Manchester United's current predicament is letting the main culprits of our problems get away unscathed. He deserves a fair portion of the blame and as the manager, he's going to be the one under constant scrutiny. Even by removing him as manager though won't fix our problems because our problems stem from the owners.

The problems lie at the very top of our club and like a domino effect, it interferes with every aspect of the club on the way down. In my view, our owners aren't particularly bothered if we're Champions or 4th. The value of the club isn't going to fluctuate long term on the basis of this.

They have always being reactive instead of proactive. There doesn't seem to be any structure or long term planning. The one long term plan to bring in Allegri was squashed at the first sign of trouble. I hear the Manchester City owners plan 25 years into the future and we struggle to get to our own stadium on time.

A Director of Finance is a must, I think everyone can agree on that. We're a Frankenstein team made up of Fergie, Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose.

As I mentioned earlier, the rot trickles down from the top. The owners only care about the bottom line, profit. They've hired a man to run the day to day business of the club who knows nothing about football. He may be the best in the business at drumming up commercial partnerships, but when it comes to the football side of things, he's left wanting. He's let a high number of first team players enter into the last year of their contracts and the rest only have 18 month's left. The balance sheet is what gets him his Christmas bonus.

Next in line for the trickle is Mr Mourinho. Like him or loathe him, he's a winner. The club would have sought after Jose as a reaction to Manchester City hiring Pep Guardiola. Every football fan knows if you hire Jose, you have to keep him happy. The owners first love being profits and Woodward's ineptitude on the footballing side of things has left Jose frustrated. We have the highest turnover of any football team in the world and finish 2nd in the league last year. Is it a time to be proactive and get Jose the players he wants? Here's a player from the Ukrainian league and a kid to play RB, all the best Jose.

No ambition from the owners, Woodward afraid to spent some cash, Jose being frustrated and resorting to his usual tricks now trickles down to the players. The worst group of pretenders to wear a Manchester United shirt in my lifetime. Jose is frustrated because this is the worst team he's probably ever managed. The players lack the mental fortitude for a fight - they're weak and fragile. Maybe Jose is a dinosaur in the football world, he tries to pick fights with players to goad a reaction from them. This is probably why he prefers older players. The players should take just as much blame as Jose for this current problems we're in, but they don't. Ths is the highest paid United team of all time.

Even as a fan of Jose, I'd still say it's time for him to go though. If we were the big club we portray to be, then we could have made it work with Jose, but it's all posturing. In Europe, there are countless teams in a better position than us to win the European Cup. Domestically, we're behind a number of teams as well. Get in Eddie Howe, let's own up and say our target from now on is top 4 of the Premier League and hope when we eventually get new owners that they'll have some sort of ambition!

Written by Mumbles November 27 2018 14:24:12


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