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Football News: Premier League Match Preview Monday 11th September

Premier League Match Preview Monday 11th September
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Monday 11th September 2017


West Ham United v Huddersfield Town 1:30pm kick off

Fernandes (ankle injury) major doubt
Ayew (muscle injury) slight doubt
Lanzini (knee injury) out
Reid (calf strain) doubt
Carroll (groin strain) doubt
Henry (ACL injury) doubt
Arnautovic (suspended) out

I really do not know what to say about West Ham's season so far. I am trying to provide a balance of negative and positive, but I am unable to think of anything positive to say, other than it has to get better. So far they have lost every game, conceding 10 goals in just 3 games. The only real hope is that being at home might improve things, though it is difficult to see the fans being fully behind the team after the start they have made. I do wonder how much is the fault of the manager and players and how much is down to the ineptitude of the owners. The 'Dildo Brothers' are not helping matters with their constant interference in every aspect of the club. Until they step back and allow the club to run without them, we will never know how good the team and manager actually are.
Most important player: Joe Hart. It was the most bizarre decision to sign him, at least up until Gareth Southgate made the decision to stick with him for England, which suggests the Hammers had not scouted him at all in recent years and definitely not last season. It is time he sorted himself out, West Ham will certainly need him at his best, rather than the dodgy keeper he has been in recent years.


Quaner (knee injury) late fitness test
Cranie (hip injury) out
Hogg (ankle injury) major doubt
Stankovic (ACL injury) out

Huddersfield need to make the most of this stunning start they have made, before other teams figure them out. Currently unbeaten with 2 wins and a draw, they look comfortable in the Premier League, with a genuine goal threat up front, who also is big, strong and quick enough to offer them an out ball if they need it. The Terriers are very well equipped to survive in the Prem, they just need a bit of luck with injuries through the season.
Most important player: Aaron Mooy. It is difficult to pick out any one player, as Huddersfield need their whole team to be on top of their game if they are to have any chance every single game, however Mooy is very much central to their hopes. He controls the tempo, is their heartbeat and creative influence in midfield and he can crack one in from 30 yards. The Aussie is a vital cog in the team.


Defining Battle: this should be a David v Goliath battle, with Huddersfield as the David, away to the Hammers' Goliath. However, Goliath is right now in a mess, like a punch drunk bum reeling on the ropes awaiting a knockout blow, with owners who clearly use 5 year old children to type their emails and are far too busy playing on social media to run the club. David may be little, but he is well trained, fit, fresh, full of confidence and his owner has his eye on the ball and the fans are fully behind them all. That leaves the key battle between the trainers, who has got it tactically right today? Is Wagner really that good or has he just caught everyone by surprise? Has Bilic figured out how to beat, or even score against, the Terriers?


Editors' Predictions:
Ed002 - 2-0
Ed004 - 1-1
Ed007 - 3-1
Ed025 - 3-0
Ed033 - 0-1

Written by Tris Burke September 11 2017 04:17:27