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Football News: Liverpool v Southampton Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective

Liverpool v Southampton Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective
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Liverpool v Southampton


First off Soton were, to be polite, abysmal. There is no attacking threat there. They have the worst striker in the Premier League, in Long and the worst keeper, in Forster, so it is little wonder they offer little threat and are going with a style that keeps them as defensively sound as possible. I have to say I was really disappointed in them, they looked like a team that is battling relegation, rather than a team that have been safely ensconced in midtable in recent years.

Forster is a big lump who fills the goal but moves with all the speed and grace of a upside down tortoise. He seems to be getting slower every time I see him. Forster has always had a problem with his footwork, but it seems to have seeped into his entire game and affected his confidence. Soares and Bertrand are both much better going forward than they are at defending, which is lucky because neither is particularly good when they are having to defend.

Van Dijk just looks completely lost, leaving Hoedt to try and do all the defending on his own, as he is all over the shop positionally and offers no determination or drive. Strolling around the pitch out of position has always been an issue with van Dijk, he has never really played with urgency, but now he looks to be playing at half-speed. How much Yoshida be feeling sat watching from the bench while van Dijk is there not breaking sweat, not trying or caring?

Liverpool dominated from start to finish, overrunning Saints in midfield and forcing them into errors. It was an extremely professional performance, as Salah and Mane ran them ragged in the wide areas and Firmino controlled the play in the centre. The opposition were listless but you can only beat what is in front of you and Liverpool beat them very easily really, with very little in the way of moments that even felt like a goal would be conceded.

One thing I have to say, the ref was absolutely abysmal, even being kind about his performance. So many poor decisions, either given the wrong way or just not given at all, such as the ridiculous advantage call he gave that immediately saw the ball given away but he did not call the play back for the free kick. That was probably the best call he made in the match as he at least spotted it should have been a free kick!


Klopp - an easy day for Klopp, never really had anything to worry him, as his team were so dominant.


Mignolet - he was the one thing that worried me watching this game. Dithers, dallies and fails to deal with things confidently. Had so little to do, yet managed to make it all look like really hard work. When a player can make such an easy day look like a difficult one, you really have to wonder about them.


Alexander-Arnold - I am not sure what to make of his performance, he was not tested at all defensively, he could have got out the deckchair and played in slippers for all the difference it would have made. Going forward he did not really influence the game as much as he should have done after promising much early on. He did support the play well, but failed to make the most of his chances to deliver good quality balls into the box.


Lovren - with Matip out injured, Lovren was playing on the right side of the centre backs. Mainly he had a good game, played one particularly good ball with his left foot, but he did skate close to the wire in terms of sending off. On another day he could easily have picked up a second yellow.


Klavan - had a decent game as well.


Moreno - like all of the defence, he was untested but did play some good stuff at times.


Henderson - dominated the midfield area, found time to break forward at times as well, though he could have done with remembering how to cross.


Wijnaldum - had a decent game, though did nothing outstanding of note good or bad, but he did play a full part in an outstanding team performance.


Mane - it was clear from the first moment the game started that Mane fancied his chances against Cedric Soares, who he would know from having trained with him. No wonder judging by that display, as he had the beating of Soares every single time.


Salah - two more goals and a higher scoring rate than even Fowler managed. Salah is looking better and better as the season goes on. Salah was immense, absolutely immense. His movement is sensational.


Firmino - another excellent game, he is at the centre of everything good Liverpool do and created havoc. Some of his touches, twists and turns take the breath away.


Coutinho - brought back in and had a really good game, fully deserving his spot. Scored, got an assist and was fully involved in the team play, something that had been missing from him during the rest of the season.



Can - replaced Coutinho in the 69th minute and was right in the middle of everything from the moment he came on. Actually had a good game in those 20 or so minutes.

Oxlade-Chamberlain - brought on for Mane in the 74th minute and was decent. Not a bad performance at all.

Milner - came on in the 80th minute for Salah with the game already petering out to a finish. Difficult to judge his performance in a game like that, when it is over by the time he comes on.

Written by Tris Burke November 19 2017 12:35:45