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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Russia Talking Points

Formula 1: Russia Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 15 In Russia


1. Wow. Just wow Maz Verstappen. Those opening few laps he put in were sensational. Shame it fell a bit flat after he changed his tires to the supposedly quicker ultras, only to find they were slower. That weaker Renault engine in the back of his car did not trouble him like you would expect down the straights, they seem to have found a way to deal with that. Maybe, with it being a new unit, they turned up the wick a bit?


2. So disappointing for Toro Rosso to lose both cars right at the start with the exact same problem. Worrying that this is a repeated issue with brakes, something that should have been dealt with long ago on safety grounds. On another day those spins could have caused mayhem, as their cars looked quick enough to be in the middle of the pack with a new version of the Honda providing more power. I am surprised the FIA have not insisted they deal with the issue before someone gets hurt or worse.


3. Ferrari need to pull their finger out, they started the season with the best chassis and the best engine and should be strolling away with the title. Things must be shambolic behind the scenes for them to have thrown away their developmental lead in such a big way.


4. Is it possible Sauber can maintain their form without LeClerc? They look right now like they have a good car but only one driver worthy of the seat. Will Kimi be too talkative for them?? He is certainly not what you call a driver that is good at giving feedback, that has always been a hindrance to his career. Sauber need his experience to provide them with development feedback, but it looks unlikely to happen, so is it a mistake for them to take him?


5. Looks like they got the DRS just right there, not sure I saw anyone ghost past before a corner arrived, it just gave them a chance to get alongside. Made for some good racing at times, though it seemed to dry up after the early laps for some reason as cars suddenly were not able to keep close, oddly.


6. It would have been nice to see what happened with a bit of rain just as things calmed down, to liven it back up again. Maybe they actually should set up sprinklers for the race director to use when he thinks a race would benefit from it? Not sure myself, but it is an interesting idea to have a look at and test out over the summer with old cars to see if it can work.

Written by Tris Burke September 30 2018 17:39:42


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