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Football News: My take on the transfer business of the top 6 Premier League teams

My take on the transfer business of the top 6 Premier League teams
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My short take on the transfer business of the top 6 Premier League teams. Will do my best to do this objectively.

Manchester City:

Significant Ins Concelo, Angelino, Rodri.
Signifcant Outs: Vincent Kompany

Look there's no doubt they improved their squad depth in certain areas. Rodri seems like a great addition as they suffered when Fernandinho was absent last year. However I do not believe Rodri is an upgrade on Fernandinho, more like an addition. I think City have weakened in defence. I think not replacing Kompany is a mistake. He galvanized the team last year for the title run and I personally do not think they would have won it last season had he not come back in. Otamendi and Stones are suspect and while Laporte is a fine player I think they lack leadership and heading ability with Kompany gone. Set pieces may be a problem and in this league that gives teams a chance.

No significant Ins or Outs

I think Liverpool will be even stronger this season. Mentally getting over the line in the champions league will be huge and give the players extra confidence to step up further. We already know the dressing room is strong mentally. We were starting to see the real Kieta and Origi last season. Hopefully they can continue with that progression for a full season this time. And if we look at the front three last season, as awesome as they were, I think only Mane was at his absolute best. Add to this Chamberlain and Gomez. Brewster for me will also be an upgrade on Sturridge who had no energy last season. Without adding anyone, we are improved on last season. I would however have liked to see Speedy goal scoring Winger come in as a long term injury to the front 3 could threaten to derail any title challenge.


Significant ins: Ndomebele, Lo Celso, Sessegnon
Significant outs: None yet. let's assume Eriksen.

Even with Eriksen possibly leaving Spurs have improved. I think their midfield really lacked balance last season and the players they have bought in appear to be both quality and better positioned to give balance to the side. I also think Lucas Moura kicked on last season and will be an excellent option to push the front three there. I still think Loris could be upgraded and maybe a RB but the players in these positions are still very very good. I think they have 3rd locked down. For me they are maybe only one good window away from launching a title challenge.

Significant Ins: Pulisic
Significant Outs: Hazard, Luiz

Probably the most difficult transfer season to judge. To be fair, they had no choice with Hazard and he is a huge loss. I don't think its as simple as looking at them last season and seeing Hazard do all he did and say the rest won't cope. Other players will step up. I'm sure of it. Basthuyi and Mount will add options to the side. Kante is one of the best midfielders in the World. I think Zouma for Luiz is an upgrade. There is still a lot of top class players at this football club. To be honest, I can't call 4th but Chelsea have enough to challenge for it again.

Significant Ins: Luiz, Ceballos, Pepe, Tierney
Significant Outs: Kocielney, Ramsey

Pepe could be great and I think he will be. Their front three is right up. They will blow teams away in some games and will be fun to watch. Tierney looks a fine player and will improve their defence. The right side is still week defensively whether its bellerin or miles. Luiz's leadership will add a lot to defence even though he has a mistake in him. That defence needed leadership as much as anything and I think he will add that. They will challenge for 4th also.

Manchester United:
Significant INs: Maguire, Wan Bissaka, James
Significant Outs: Lukaku

I think this is the first transfer window where United took a proper long term view and not just for the season ahead. I think they had a really good window and really improved their defence. They also added players who want to play for Man united and not just for high wages. This will really help with team atmosphere. They have some really good youngsters coming through like Greenwood in particular and didn't panic buy some short term fix that would only stop the development of the youngsters. They lost Herrera in midfield and did not replace him in what was already a weak area for me. This may come back to be their downfall. Overall I see them as an improved team and if they don't lose key players to injuries can challenge for that 4th spot.

Season ahead:

Look I think City are favourites. They can simply beat teams easier that we (Liverpool) can. And when the going got tough last season they proved they were up for the fight. I just simply go back to my thought that City would not have won the league last season without Kompany. Is there a leader of that quality in the dressing room? I don't think so.

IF Liverpool get the luck with injuries in key areas I think they will be a serious serious serious threat.

So I'm just saying Man City and Liverpool will be top 2 and I can't call it. They are 2 awesome teams.

Spurs 3rd. a Lock for me. Great window.

Chelsea 4th: I look at the squad as a whole and there are not significant weaknesses as with United (midfield) and Arsenal (Defence) . Its a well rounded squad but perhaps just missing some star quality up front. I think however players will step up and they should have enough to squeak in.

Manchester United 5th: It looks a solid back line to me and some exciting young forwards (although they do need to step up) . A lot will lie on the shoulders of Pogba again and I don't think he will be able to get them to 4th. The midfield will let them down. I also think they have the weakest manager of the top six sides.

Arsenal 6th: I like Ceballos but Arsenals midfield needed a powerhouse. They have plenty of Ceballos types. I think Defence and overall mentality of the team will cost them this season. Emery though is slowly but surely pushing them in the right direction.

Apologies for not organizing my thoughts better. I just started typing and kept going. Like Alex Ferguson's book.

Written by Davey Sulls August 09 2019 13:14:52


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