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Football News: We need to talk about Celtic chief executive, Peter Lawwell

We need to talk about Celtic chief executive, Peter Lawwell
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We need to talk about Celtic chief executive, Peter Lawwell;

As we sleepwalk into the final third of the latest transfer window, it has all the familiar signs of another underwhelming period of frustration for the Celtic supporters, with the title in the balance for the first time in many years.

Celtic have the wherewithal to blow away any competition from Rangers and the majority of fans want to see major investment in players to improve the first 11 team. Why the reluctance from Peter to support this ideology, let's look at his record:


Manager appointments

Given that Dermot Desmond appointed Brendan Rodgers following the incident in the Hamden Director's Box after the cup semi-final, then Peter has appointed:

Gordon Strachan - great appointment.
Tony 'Take it on the chin' Mowbray - disaster.
Neil Lennon - got lucky that Rangers imploded as Celtic are never a first appointment club.
Ronny Deila - embarrassing given he was interviewed for the no. 2 position.
Brendan Rodgers - as I said a Dermot Desmond appointment.
Neil Lennon again - no issue with the interim job, but appointed in the shower after Peter admitted he did not consider any other candidates, is amateurish.

All of Peter's appointments are the cheap option and if you add that he probably had input into Liam Brady and Lou Macari as finance director then his record is truly atrocious.



Record on transfers

Putting aside that every transfer takes an eternity emphasised by our latest striker being filmed walking into Celtic Park and not being announced until a day and a half later, how welcome does any new recruit feel? Do they feel respected or valued or do they feel frustrated and undervalued. In my honest opinion, his transfer negotiations have cost us several titles.

Stephen Fletcher probably cost us the 2009 title and might have been instrumental in W.G.S. leaving. I believe that the selling of Kenny Miller cost us a couple of titles and more recently missing out on McGinn could still cost us. Contrast this with the Dave King shelling out 7 million on Ryan Kent the day after we beat them at Ibrox when they didn't have 7 bob. Rangers are 'All in', we are in the biscuit tin.



Neil Lennon - a puppet?
Neil at the start of the transfer window, looking to get a couple of experienced players to join us in Dubai. A week later, Neil was looking to get a couple of players to join us whilst in Dubai, but a week after that, in comes one prospect and the promise of another prospect. Is Lennon being led up the garden path? Meanwhile, we are scouting Lawrence Shankland, which is only acceptable if we are looking for an average player for the under 9s!



Salary cap

This is really important for our continued success as we can't compete with clubs in England on wages unless you are the CEO



Defending our club
Completely anonymous on resolution 12 or defending our club, our fans or our players against the Scottish Football Association (SFA) or the rabid press and has yet to ban a single reporter despite our club being under siege lately. The only time he responds is when he is personally attacked.



Losing us trophies

As well as the transfer dealings previously mentioned and the failure to challenge the SFA re honest mistakes, his constant downgrading is at odds with our superior position in Scottish football. His approach is always to do just enough and is at odds with the ambition of the fans. Look at the record of W.G.S. year 1; won the league by 20 odd points, year 2 won the league by 12 points, year 3 won the league by 4 points. You would think that someone with (checks notes) an accounting background and was good with numbers would see a trend here, but no, complacent Pete was at the wheel.



Director of football (DOF)

Other than the years that Brendan put him in his box, i.e. the best run in our history, Peter Lawwall has been the unofficial DOF and has performed extremely poorly in this role.

So as I said, sleepwalking into the last third of the window with 9 in a row on the line, what will pistol Pete deliver? I for one won't be holding my breath. Expecting a final day loan for some misfit player that some other club needs off the wage bill, that doesn't even play in an area we need strengthening.


Written by Paythefacepainter January 21 2020 11:39:07


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