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Football News: Top 10 British Goalkeepers

Top 10 British Goalkeepers
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Top 10 British Goalkeepers


10. Jack Butland - Stoke City

It just shows the paucity of good British goalkeepers right now that Butland makes the list, despite his regular mistakes. At one time English goalkeepers were the best around, now they are Butland and Hart, it is sad drop off.


9. Wayne Hennessey - Crystal Palace

At one time he was an average Premier League level keeper, nowadays he is just a back up. Again he is in the list purely because of the lack of quality to choose from.


8. Fraser Forster - Southampton

While again not a top class keeper, he did have a good season with Celtic last time out. Not good enough to force his way into the Saints team, but with so few keepers to choose from, he makes the top 10.


7. Alex McCarthy - Southampton

Good enough to keep Forster out of the team, but he is not exactly what you call top class and Saints would love to upgrade on his if they did not already have 3 first team goalkeepers on the books.


6. Jordan Pickford - Everton

If there is anything that tells you that English goalkeepers are terrible these days, it is that Pickford makes the top 10!


5. Sam Johnstone - West Bromwich Albion

He is certainly going to have a season to shine as he will face plenty of shots playing in a Baggies team that looks completely out of its depth in the Premier League. Not the greatest goalkeeper you will ever see, but a decent one.


4. Aaron Ramsdale - Sheffield United

Last season he looked a decent keeper, but so far this season he is gradually eroding the good work he put in and putting himself in danger of slipping down the rankings. Worrying as the quality level of British keepers is already so poor, you have to be playing terribly to fall lower.


3. Nick Pope - Burnley

A very good shotstopper, but struggles in most other aspects of the game. He has improved over the last couple of years to become a very good solid choice.


2. Tom Heaton - Aston Villa

A very good all-round keeper but has real problems staying fit. The injuries are beginning to look like the beginning of the end of his career, as he is going to struggle to ever get fit and stay fit for a prolonged period.


1. Dean Henderson - Manchester United

Showed over the last couple of seasons that he is a top class keeper while on loan with Sheffield United. Sadly now being wasted as a back up at Man Utd, when he should be clear number 1 for club and country.

Written by Tris Burke October 13 2020 10:54:10


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