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Football News: What if Amorim is The Next Liverpool Manager?

What if Amorim is The Next Liverpool Manager?

Sky Germany reporting Amorim has agreed a 3 year deal verbally. No word yet on whether we have an agreement with Sporting though so it's not definite, but sounds very promising.

If Amorim is the new man in charge, I think we might see Salah calling time on his Liverpool career soon. Al Hilal are willing to pay £70m according to the transfer gurus of the world and is that just too good to refuse for a player his age? Now we more or less know Amorim is likely on his way, Szoboszlai and Elliott might be the future on the right given his style of play.

They'll be more suited to the way Amorim likes his right side of the front 3 to play. I think Gakpo and, with an outside shot at redemption, Fabio Carvalho are very well suited for the left side of the 3 as well. Wouldn't surprise me if we looked to another option who could maybe play either side though. The squad needs an X-Factor player if Salah leaves.

Jota, Danns and Nunez should be good to compete for the centre forward role. Could even be a chance of a major breakthrough for Danns next year given Jota's injury record. I think we'll see Nunez really kick on as well in his 3rd year with a chance to become the main man up top under a manager who can actually communicate with him!

The interesting thing for me will be how Diaz adapts. I don't think he does too well in the half spaces between midfield and defence as his touch is a bit heavy. Most of his good work is either done flying down the wing, bursting in behind or attacking the 6 yard box. So maybe he'll suit the wing back role or even the striker role? I think he's too good and hard working not to be able to adapt, but also he is a very saleable asset who's father has been very outspoken about his desire to get a big move to Spain.

Bradley and Robertson are going to be very suited to the wing back roles. Tsimikas maybe less so as he lacks the ball carrying ability and crossing skills from open play. Trent probably needs to move into midfield though, because you can't have the player you rely on for width drifting into central areas like he does naturally. All things considered we might need to look to the market here as they're key positions to this tactical set up and Robertson is into his 30's, Trent won't stay wide, Bradley is only 20 years old and Tsimikas lacks any threat from open play. Beck and Ramsay will likely get chances in pre-season you'd think.

Macca, Endo, Jones and Bajectic are all likely to benefit from the 2 man midfield as they're all well suited to a pairing. Gravenberch on the other hand might have some problems on the horizon. I'm not sure how he fits in and he's not had a very good first season at the club either. It will only get harder for him if Trent moved into midfield and Clark continues to progress next year.

Konate, Quansah, Virgil and Gomez are all very likely beneficiaries of this proposed agreement with Amorim. His preferred back 3 will be very well suited to all of them I think. Quansah and Virgil both perfectly suited to the central position, Gomez and Konate very suited to the right side. Hopefully, the scouting department have some good left sided players up their sleeve. I think Virgil having to regularly chase wingers down the left side will not be great on those aging hamstrings. Inacio is perhaps more likely as a signing now? Maybe Chambers will get his shot in pre-season too.

Kelleher and Alisson are both ideal going forward as well so I can't see any changes happening there. Kelleher should bide his time as it's unlikely Alisson's injuries will improve into his 30's.

I'm really excited for the next step in our club's history. In the meantime, I hope Klopp and the players can sign off in spectacular fashion. A Carabao Cup, Europe League and Premier League treble would be some way to bow out!

Written by MK Scouser April 09 2024 13:55:08


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